GETTING A JOB AT LEGO NASA! – Brick Rigs Roleplay Gameplay – Lego City Job Space Station Simulator

GETTING A JOB AT LEGO NASA! – Brick Rigs Roleplay Gameplay – Lego City Job Space Station Simulator

Lego Bob & Billy must find jobs in Lego City. They will be roleplay working at the Lego Nasa!

This is a sandbox lego building and driving game with dynamic destruction physics.

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Build your own vehicles or download one of more than 50,000 vehicles from the workshop and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!

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matejB13 says:

it was not lego nasa, it was lego spaceX

Dragon Slayer Ornstein says:

Try playing space engineer’s together with OB. You can build a space ship of your own or download one from the workshops

king why win !!!! says:

Omg I live in new Zealand!!!

None Gone da Comment Roaster says:

I Hope You Guys Make a Desert War Between Desert Worms vs Criminals

Cardboard Gear says:

I’m just wondering, how old are you. I think you are over 18 because ahem,,, I found, older jokes

Quade Lutze says:

Awesome video Camodo love it so much

Ashley david Reniedo says:

Camodo do a face reveal pls

Srdjan Mandic says:


Reuel beatboxer studios says:

From a taaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal height

Hank Cholewa says:

Just once can you do a job correctly please!?

turbo charged exercise says:

This makes me feel good after a long day

Evanjles Gaming says:

That rocket is not a nasa
Its SpaceX

doom guy says:

Ob wash on the train lol

Melissa Mulvey says:

Camodo please do more cops and robbers please

Owen Sillitoe says:

hay i live in nz

Camodo Gaming says:

I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Brick Rigs! What jobs should we do next?

Gadiel Sanchez says:


Random Bob Fan says:

Once I see a new video of you two at the beginning I’m all like YAY ANOTHER VIDEO OF CAMODO AND OB At the end of the videos I’m like OH NO CAMODO AND OB DESTROYED 2 BLOCKS OF THE CITY

Benny Pillon says:

Make another video

Reuel beatboxer studios says:

Do some skydiving

Rory Mead says:

I’d reckon that every kiwi viewer suddenly went berserk when camodo butchered saying Zealand

Chio Fuentebella says:


Kenzie Agju says:


Olivia Perry says:

I live in new zealand!

Dilara Akhter says:

you are better at killing people than doing jobs

Adam Ševčík says:

Yeah, you are landing on the Earth with Hubble telescope…

Kryho _ says:

Can you give us the link for the Space Station please ? 😀

Mr.gnarly J Q says:

New map?

Peter Thew says:

Hey Camodo I’m requesting that you do some more brick rigs zombie mode, I really enjoy them

Rony Nguyen says:

What about the brick rigs armed forces

dbjr 74 says:

8008135 (boobies)

Flowboy says:

This video was made on my 10 birthday!

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