Galaxy Warfare – Free Space Game Gameplay!

Welcome to Galaxy Warfare, a free and fun browser MMO game!
► You can play the game here:

Tutorial for the game:

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cameron Richiardi says:

Could you do fnaf’s Chica and johnny toast get married.
What is your favorite Dr.who companion? (my last name is pronounced ric-ar-di)
(please pick meeeeeeeeeee!)

wales2k says:

Is this CoD?

DiamondRob GT says:

This is good! Good video. And the best part no stupid FNAF. So no more FNAF!!!!!!!!

zatwione dickerson says:


Zaamblong Her says:

can you do the reaper player model and make a little story

Nick R says:

Do a vid on papa vs police

Muhammad Sallu says:

I remember signing up after you mentioned it way back. It was quite fun but I don’t really play browser games much. When I was little, me and my cousin loved playing Pokémon Crater which is a browser game similar to this one where you click to move. It was so awesome and free to play. I think it still exists but with a different name.

Diemand The Animatronic Wolf says:

The game is not my type, but as long as you guys injoy playing it I will follow.

Ben Johnson says:

Jordon do call of duty

Boy In The Hood says:

This looks like I might enjoy this…. 😛 I’m good at strategy, and I love strategy. 😛

Kesuk the Native Wolf says:

Who else wants to see Isaac’s reaction to That Dragon, Cancer?

PC players 249 says:

come to my channel

Ben Johnson says:

Jordan do call of duty

#kristapsporzingis says:

Fnaf map as fnaf characters

team Dskull jesse tdsj lol says:

hey do a ninja battle with the one punch mod in gmod with Jordan and bethany

Brian Bui says:

Here’s a space game #war in space play it on a vid

Freddyfazbear109 FNAF says:

In Gmod do a foxy army and a mangle army in a haunted house

QuantumLolliepop says:

Why is the thumbnail Phoenix Wright’s dad?

Frank Mulenga says:

Can you make 1 video without skriming.

Drakon says:


Julian Silva says:

oblivion in GMod

Ben Johnson says:

It’s boring

Dude Guy says:

Hey issac you should play universe sandbox 2 on steam.Queston whats your fav block in minecraft?

faze Sandifer says:

do transformers vs fnaf

CJ Dow says:

Each of you should do something like this. The videos can be called HomelessPlays, ImmortalPlays, and BethanyPlays.

Mt Scupper says:

Plz do an acachala video

Ashen says:

The avitars are from rpgmaker vx ace

Samuel Stine says:

Okay, I keep trying to make an account and it will not let me. Help?

dukemandukemon gaming says:

I’m early lemme make a joke

Being early

A Mir says:

Why so many dislikes

Gabe Kindt says:

Homless I found a planet claimed by you in the game and claimed it my username is RichestGoomba

#kristapsporzingis says:


Squidward Tennisballs says:

Homeless, can you show off the ships that are in the game?

Airhead Productions says:

I found the roblox group and I saw this. I was like meh good video. Then I saw the subscriber count. [Content Deleted For Being Too Long]

boygamingletsplay says:


TheDoctorJT416 says:

play FTL

Aereon • says:

Can you guys do another Qeios episode

shopkinsfan funnykitties112 says:

do donald trump in space video in roblox or gmod

2StarsOfDeath says:

I’ve been playing this game for a while now, but I never knew that the Homeless Goomba there was actually you! I’ve been subbed to this channel for a while too. So glad you made a video about this game, bringing in new people and hopefully the community will get larger 😀

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