Frontier Pilot Simulator Gameplay – TAKE TO THE SPACE SKIES BROTHERS!

Frontier Pilot Simulator Gameplay with splat! Let’s Play Frontier Pilot Simulator and check out a flight game similar to american trucking simulator where you’ll move goods across a sci fi planet!

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Marian Bielcik says:


happosai27 says:

Seems like Simcopters in space

danieldb631 says:

That sucks that you’re not able to taxi your craft on the tarmac. Unless, the game doesn’t make it obvious as to how to do it? Maybe they’re still figuring that out and haven’t put it in the game yet. It would be a bummer if they left it so you couldn’t taxi in the final version of the game.

Matthias Nagl says:

Why didnt they put Thrusters on the Thrusters of their Thrusters? And maybe some extra bends on these wings, while we are at it.

Kiyohime Ice says:

Catch a rideeeeeeeeeeeeee

Starfall Snow says:

I hope you get to use a flight stick with games like these. They can be hard with other controllers and just unforgiving with mouse & keyboard.
I want this game now. lol

Jerald Andry III says:


Vid 101 says:

The green line tells you how far you can go with your curent fuel

NeoXtheXbio says:

The controls look soo counter entuitive for what its supposed to be, no manual angling no tail control, im not saying its supposed to be realistic but when you make something like this atleast put the effort to make the controls smooth

zesox says:

That cut at 7:10, you squished that passanger… you squished it.

Daniel Banhegyi says:

Yay Eve Online reference

bloodwolf1211 says:

IM FIRST!!!!!!

jhaybz29 says:

Hey Splat, Have you heard of Iron Harvest? its kinda like They are Billions except its more company of heroes in game play, its also has a pretty cool Diesel Punk WWII art concept, I think you’ll like it

Scott G. says:

It looked like the map told you how far you can make it on your current charge..

ambi says:

That Borderlands quote is on point haha.

MRMR97411 says:

Splat you can drive on the ground haha, the wheels are powered

Connor Griffiths says:

Epilepsy Warning 24:54

Captain Soban says:

Thank you so much for showing this to me splat! As a huge Space, Tycoon, and Transport nerd, I can see me putting tons of hours into this game! Its going on the wish list for sure!

the bulldog man says:

Love your Chanel

Benjamin Mills says:

First its a VTOL NOT a HELI!! As a aircraft mechanic its annoying


a flight ‘simulator’ in 3rd person view with instruments all over the screen. two things that would never happen in real life.

Brandie Conder says:

Yeah nerd castle crew for the win

Ballistic Frisbee says:

sry splat, had to cut it at 2 min. That ui is waaaay to much for my old eyes:P

Nathan A says:

when you set a waypoint the green bar is your range

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