Fractured Space – Paragon: overview and gameplay

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The long wait if finally over, here it is, the reintroduced Zarek Paragon. Everyone’s favourite carrier is back and boy is it a beauty.

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Gamer Max says:

this ship seems worthless to me, and I don’t see it used much? The weapons and the fighters don’t do much damage. Am I playing it wrong?

dkyzar says:

Subscribed and can’t wait for more vids! Was curious how you got the crew you have. Did you get the Crew Supply drops with Platinum immediately and get lucky with the pulls? I got the Armada pack which gave me all the ships. Thinking I need to concentrate on Crew yea?
EDIT: Just noticed this was day before release so still in early access. But question still stands I suppose.. concentrate on getting better crew since I have all the ships?

Amaroq64 says:

The game constantly puts me on teams like your opponents, vs teams like yours. 600 MMR to 400 in one night. Haven’t been back to 500 since. 🙁

Adhito says:

Nice video!

Ataru2407 says:

Funny how they say its an Heavy Suport on the guide video and ingame its a “heavy” attack…

A good buff to either doing more damage on main cannon or being more tanky would be interesthing, since the ship itself is a burden… it can defend properly, neither it can attack properly… or maybe a buff to its speed would focus the role of suport better..
Well at least it looks awesome…shame it doenst feel like it…

Comenthing as i see the video…

– Blink fighters not as good as they seem… would preferer something like plasma or ecm fighters… one for cloackers, the other for disrupthing utility systems…

– Bombers?! I see is “miners”… they put aoe mines near the target…
They’re only usefull against slow or stationary ships… the best way i find to use then is to send the mobility surpression drones them the fighters o ensure the damage is done…

– The problem with drones, every kind of them, is a target jumps or cloacks and they enter cd…

Infinity says:

tl:dw; fuck the paragon

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