Fractured Space – Overseer Gameplay

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Captain Jack tests drives the Zarek Industries “Overseer” starship.

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iareBirdie says:

the ships feel little too small tbh
they need to make them more slow and clunky for that heavy feeling not may games give…
or at least add somekinda “realism” battle thing where they are slow and clunky and feel heavier…
just my thought tho

Teamtroller 21 says:

“Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.”

Darth Gamer says:

This reminds me of this epic qout “You may fire when ready”

iareBirdie says:

jack are you british??

Time to get T-WRECKED says:

Jack, what faction do you think is the best? Gameplay and more wise?

VicStone 1 says:

Hi big fan

Ianic David says:

Love this game

jayhardpro says:

Hello m8 like if you like the game or comment and dislike it if you don’t

namingsway says:

That is one sexy ship , love how sleek it looks .

GamingWithElso HD says:

This is a cool video! A game you might want to check out is Avorion. It’s similar to Space Engineers in the fact that you build your own ship, just on a much bigger scale and with the overall goal to reach the center of the galaxy. On Steam it’s 18 Euros right now, and it also uses the Steam Workshop so you could also check out other peoples’ ships. It’d be awesome to see you check it out one day because I personally really enjoy it!

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