Fractured Space – Last Stand

Fractured Spaces’ new Last Stand game mode is finally here, featuring quick matchmaking with teams of three capital ships struggling to hold out against waves of increasingly deadly foes. It’s a bit of a challenge, it’s also a lot of fun.



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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


Martin Svane says:

I really want to play the game, but the matchmaker is long as all hell. Anyone here playing that can advise on how to cope and actually get playing. Besides finding 4 mates.

CoreyB88 says:

Good thing I watched this first. I had every intention of going in on my Protector and playing healer. Now I’ll probably use a Leviathan or Gladiator.

S41elite says:

I really dislike this game.
Almost any kind of space ship game is better.

Jacob Prittie says:

i got to wave 11 on the first try

wrongtracksuit says:

Ahhh….so you ADMIT that you were in Russia! Colluding again comrade Jingles?

Shawn Jackson says:

HaHa …LMAO… go for the eyes Boo I could see the cuddle fish clawing their eyes out … stuck to their face like the face huger in Alien !

LeviaThinh says:

You really need to stop warping next to the station I suggest warp behind the station and used the cover that the station provide and use the warp home button when they at your home base insteed of warping outside your home base because you have to turn around attack the enemy

The Budgie Admiral says:

Endeavour is not a healer, in fact they don’t even class her as a support ship anymore. In my eyes the right choice. The Endeavour focusses on quick fire support using a steady stream of damage from its main void cannon and its turrets.

Okay, so where are these salt mines exactly?

Arthur Xiang says:

Last time I tried this it took…so long that I forgot exactly how long because I just picked up my phone and started playing some mobile game to kill time.

Chilcoo says:

I want this with unsc and covenant ships!

Nat Wall says:

“Those things are fun” I detect a hint of sarcasm

kai hoffmann says:

Damn you jingles! Just you talking about the man flu, and now I have it too!

Csaba Orosz says:

This game mode looks fun but it’s hindered by the fact that it’s 3 player only for 3 different sector plus the home base! This would be better with 6 players it would be way more viable! Because you could be a very good player it isn’t matter because there will be more and more ships to deal with and 3 ships are not capable of doing that despite how good those ships are! So if the devs want this game mode to be popular and attractive they should increase the team size to 6!

MegaPepsimax says:

This needs work…Like the AI should be capped at 1 healer…we had 3 healers against us…they healed each other!

Val Karian says:

I agree on the vast AoE. I think, if your aegies player was good enough, you could actually bait out a jump, and sync it with the timing of your Particle Accelerator. Jumping when that thing is in your face is almost instant death for all lighta. And mediums. Also, you can then leave the rest of the ships in base to start the defense. Once again, extreme coordination.

I’ve only made it to 13 with the Levi.

I’ve tried the following ships and my thoughts on them are as follows:

Guardian: doesn’t work that well. Your blink jump buoy disappears in seconds and there’s no proper oppurtunity or positioning to use it. And you don’t deal nearly enough damage. If you land every shot though…
Overseer/Watchman: I cant remember the two from each other. The one with the shield buoy presents an interesting dynamic as a super weak centurion shield, and mines are a fun deterrent that I haven’t really figured out the timing for. Still. Snipers need good positioning and space to work their best, which means they’re unlikely to hold the base very well, or don’t function at full capacity doing so.
Leviathan: High alpha, high consistent damage, nothing not to like about the Levi. Smart use of jump buoy can link up alpha and beta as well, preventing the need for a home jump-ups jump and giving you that 6 second headstart.
Aegis: hugely effective AoE for scalpels, bombs, support and all other miniships plus you instantly put the lights at half health. Maximising the usage of the particle Accelerator is key to finding success in this ship, and using of the friendly shield on cooldown. Also a great ship to body block for the core or turrets as the shields cheat a little.
Colossus: great for clearing off the small ships and charging the opponents but lacks the mobility or alpha to hit through support ships, so you actually need to clear them slowly. If no one else on your team has AoE then this is an idea, but aegis is just better ATM.
Endeavour: nope. As you see in the video the endy doesn’t deliver much damage, and it’s mines are largely inconsequential and its turrets go down with it which sometimes forces the endy to hide and allow for regens.
Interceptor: it’s ok. High dps medium.
Venturer: I found the damage underwhelming, but the heals highly useful. If you group up ships and pulse barrage, the heals help keep those heavies up for much longer. Plus your scalpel is a sure hit for taking out those small ships and you can help by blowing up the armour. Great to team up with heavies that have high sustained damage.
Centurion: very creative use of the shield locks the enemy in a position firing futilely at your shields trying to hit the turrets. It also blocks high alpha damage skills like the Leviathan flux beams and ghost barrages. Weak sustained damage is made up by using the overload creatively by blowing up all mini ships and severely damaging lights and mediums. If used when they’re jumping (with great timing) it deals immense damage as well.

Other ships that I saw as useful:
Furion: high damage frontal cone. Useful in the right situation
Reaper: smart use of the shield negates alot of damage. Very situational
Protector/paladin: surprisingly useful with 2 other heavies if they play well. Probably won’t go the distance though.
Superlifter: haven’t seen it, probably not very useful as it’s heals are not strong enough and damage is not high enough
Executioner: the alpha damage on this thing made me do a double take. Used correctly it stands a chance.
Pioneer: all rounder, fun to have with the ghosts in round 9. Decent damage.

Can’t remember anything else so I’ll have it at this!

NOO NOPE says:

been waiting for more from this game. 2nd i didnt know it was free 2 play. Downloading it now. I always loved space games, I love Elite Dangerous but wish there was easier way to do more dogfighting. I think this game will easily fill that gap.

moonmoonbirdcpt says:

a gladius, an Endeavor and a venturer will almost always get to the last wave from what I had seen

Jason Yin says:



Unrealhalo5 says:

When is lone echo coming back

Muyao Liu says:

i like fractured space. but my toaster doesn’t. It warms my tea with it’s fan whenever i’m playing it.

Super Skipjack says:

i see jingles use colossus
mouse button not responding

Jackson Bowns says:

I don’t know what the problem is, but whenever I try to play Fractured Space, it looks like ass. It doesn’t matter what settings I try to use, the image is unfocused and blurry when I look at the ships. Does anyone know where or how I can get help with this?

Palindromemordnilap says:

Jingles… you need another few degrees of lead on your targets.

breitve says:

right, for Queen and country, and Thatcher, i Call upon Commander jingles mcjingleberry to lead the British far east forces in a bout of enthusiastic diplomacy in the RTS wargame red dragon campaign the Pearl of the orient

Horus lupercal says:

enforcer FTW

Ryan Young says:

Love you Jingles!!! Keep doing what you do. I’ve been a subscriber for years. You are living the dream man! Including the cute Portuguese girlfriend. 😉 You Da Man! Your friend from Texas, Ryan a.k.a. SlammerChief. FYI: Almost the same age, and fellow Gulf War I veteran. I wish you nothing but the best.

Matthew Ray says:

jesus christ jingles USE YOUR MISSILES! pointlessly firing FLAK batteries at targets 15km away, never using the missiles

Carl says:

I Only Play The Punisher vgood ship!

DeepPastry says:

So that upgrade should of been used, instead of jumping into an empty and blue sector, and maybe, just maybe, head straight for the bubble in each zone since that’s where the enemy will be heading every time and you get heals while you fight.

jr41391 says:

when you need to jump two times its faster to jump home then jump to your next sectore normally.

the collosus just isnt a tank your flak can kill missles fighters and drones along with a wide area affect so you can also scan for stealth ships and hurt enemys that are grouped together treat the collosus like the levy never let go of the firing button and dont forget you have the best ramm dammage in game and using the boost to get more damage is a very good tactic.

best combo you can do is a colossus, centerion, brawler/pallidan/venture

patrick hurley says:


SoulGriever13 says:

Jingles … you _don’t_ need LOS on target in the Colossus, the Flak Cannons are AOE, so you can just aim in their general vicinity and they will take damage

tenou213 says:

A wise man once said: prioritize what you can kill. That means don’t shoot the tank ships that are being healed.

Ian Hampton says:

Just got this game. I’m so glad it’s free. For a game of this quality I expected it to be like 30 bucks.

Nightmare _ says:

Well jingles you may be right about the support ship isn’t a good idea to bring, but the endeavor puts up 3 turrets so it has alot of firepower on its own

Sp1Te says:

Jingles, do you have a discord server?, if not I could help you set one up as I am very good at adminning I think it would really connect the community and maybe we could have World of Warships tournaments and stuff, just an idea!

Christopher Vanoster says:

I’ve noticed a mobile version of a copy of fractured space floating around. Ark of war and the ads won’t stop showing up

TheKirov099 says:

PVE mode? As much as I like space games, I wasn’t that big a fan of fractured space. But if there’s PVE, I’ll have to come back. That’s the reason I play AW and not WoT.

Enriel Karledo says:

One thing i noticed is that you *need* some vast aoe to clear all the repair frigates of wave 10 and 12. Otherwise it is a lost cause
Our best combo was a an aegis/ a destroyer and a leviathan.
It offers a good mix of aoe cleaning, tank and raw firepower.
Focus firing is MANDATORY ot win sadly. So 2 good teammates are a must.
Other than that their are variations to the aegis.
A pioneer with nuke and it’s zarek equivalent offer a good way to wipe support ships first.
The number of blinkers can be a trouble that”s why it can be a good idea to switch destroyer poor gun arcs for a centurion who will shield the core.

Lots of potential, it would need some balancing ( lights ships are a no go at all) and more interactibles and it would be a blast !

A!CloudyPlace says:

@TheMightyJingles it’s is my birthday on the 26th of this month (April) I wish you good luck for the year and thank you for the shits and giggles from my dad and I. I will be traveling on that day. So I have downloaded some of your videos so I will laugh my Ass of in the plane.

Ferretzim 86 says:

Wait… those are AI… in other words… computers… QUICK! FILL THEIR SERVERS UP WITH MEMES! No AI ever expects the Meme inquisition!

aciarduce says:

Minsc would be SO proud of you Jingles!

Derek Farewell says:

Hey. Why don’t you play armored warfare anymore?

DeepBloo says:

What’s the peak time in UTC of this game? I’m in Asia so I use the Singapore Serv but it seems like the game is a No Man’s Land. I’ve even tried all servers and I still can’t get a PvP. :<

Sean Cook says:

So, does that get you a Radley-Walters medal?

ZGuy0fSci says:

*Looks like a nice 5-person team game mode……*

Too bad only 3 of those 5 space according to this is able to be used. Would be better with 5 and perhaps if that more “Support Ships” be up to standards in the game? have to see with time. (too many nerfs I guess)

TallulahSoie says:

Does this game have a campaign/story mode? If not that’s a horrendous shame.

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