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Take command of a huge capital ship and fight for the galaxy in Fracture Space, Edge Case Games’ take on space combat that has a distinctly MOBA-like feel. for the best free MMORPG and MMO Games.

Every First Look is filled with informative gameplay showcasing each game’s character creation menu, a breakdown of individual classes, some early PvE and PvP content and other features. In the end the main goal of the video is to share our first impressions of the game.

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sayeko says:

anyone else than me noticed he almost never use the pointdefense when he is targeted by missiles?

numerocro says:

The game is boring like hell. For every 2 min of fun ( fight ) there is 20 min of flying damn slow ships.

nickpov3y says:

also there is a small disincentive for disconnecting, you get a 30% increase in your respawn rate, but its nowhere near enough

I C says:

Looks way more mature than Dreadnought, hope it plays that way as well.

Jason Wilson says:

Anyone else shouting “fire the damned missiles!” throughout this vid?

Pin-writer says:

you know, you could invite spunkify to have a match together, at the least the gameplay doesn’t suck.

Lord Whitenorth says:

Better than Eve Online?

Yeoman International says:

I’d like to note that the loadout options are _variants_, not _upgrades_. Options farther down the list aren’t inherently better than the defaults, they merely change the behavior of that system to suit your playstyle. The default loadout is always the easiest to learn and use, while the unlockable options each have pros and cons that make them better in some situations and worse in others.

The same goes for the ships. The starter ships are “jacks of all trades”, so to speak – easy to learn, they perform reasonably well in most situations. As you go farther down the line, however, ships become more specialized and complicated, with quirks like limited firing arcs or abilities that require careful combos. While a Tier 6 ship may be able to wipe the floor with other ships in one specific situation, a Tier 1 ship like the Pioneer will easily annihilate the Tier 6 Watchman if it avoids giving the Watchman its ideal setup.

Virtual Bits says:

Please buy a new mic. 🙁

zezu zaza says:

what fun of this? i didnot get it

Beatle1283 says:

Game seems like it’ll be the more “in depth” version of Dreadnought… Hell another space battleship battle game is never a bad thing. On a side note i ust sy even though i have a potato of a computer dreadnought works marvelously while Fractured space chugs like creazy.


I think am more into Fracturoid Extreme.

FloppyBit says:

what a stupid fucking commercial

Markus Karlsson says:

this game looks innovative in the MOBA genre, and i LOVE space games, Downloading this AS IM WATCHIN THIS, if anyone wants to play with me sent me a pm on youtube and we can play and have tons of fun! i own a teamspeak server aswel! 🙂

Hesham Al-hamdani says:

This game is dog shit.

lawlerzwtf says:

3:40 for a match

novachannel1981 says:

its bad when you need to have a game within a game waiting to play the game lmaoooooo

nickpov3y says:

your turrets in your home base dont regenerate

Sirusdark says:

Hahahah! That mini asteroid game during game search/loading is epic!

keith benson says:

Just couldn’t get into this game

Stark B says:

look a lot like star conflit

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