Fractured Space – Basilisk Gameplay

A demonstration of the Basilisk’s weapons and abilities. The Basilisk is a pretty unique support cloaker with some fun tricks up its sleeve! Here I was playing it more in isolation rather than as part of a coordinated team; if you pair up with a buddy and coordinate the crowd control it can be really very powerful, especially against ships that rely on mobility such as blinks and boosts.

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Sax Panther says:

Can you do a video on the Displacer? That ship is really damn difficult to play. Also maybe a second Basilisk video 😛

erich weatherholt says:

lol def has no real life friends. that guy that gives you all his opinion s cause he is sure they are right… but none are

fdjw88 says:

this is a very cool looking ship! i’m currently working my way to the Levi

Douglas Amaro says:

There is not much thought put into the ship because it is mathmatically impossible to reach the full potential of its abilities, unless you are experimenting it with a friend in custom matches, aka, under perfect conditions.
Pulsar Charge requires all four charges for maximum damage, but the effects of the first anchor wears off before the 4th anchor hits the target, and then you have to time it perfectly to hit all four anchors a few miliseconds before the charges deals its damage. The animation of the charge also so long that most of the time the enemy’s ships simply fly away from its explosion radius. Even in this demo video, Stanith couldn’t make it work even once. Pulsar charge is basically a wasted slot.
Gravity well is visible, which is dumb for a trap, and easily destroyable. Enough said. Only now they are thinking of the obvious, which is making it visible, but it still will be easily destroyed by PD. Don’t even need to waste time aiming your aiming weapon. PD is enough.
If you watch his other gameplay videos, Stanith does very well in all of them, with a great KD ratio. In this one, he does very poorly. It is a support ship, but his support score is very low. It is terrible support ship, situational at best, and a mediocre damage dealer. There is no reason to take this over an Infiltrator or a Raven, for example.

Baron von Grumpy says:

What would have been your next upgrade at lvl 9? atack?

Julopabene says:

I don’t get all the people saying that there is not much thought put into this ship. I think it is one of the best designed ships there is in FS! Nice video man 😉

NightWalker says:

Your wrong its not paper its tinfoil get it right it took me weeks and an f ton of toilfoil rolls to do that

catbert7 says:

0:15: It *would* have great crowd control if the Gravity Well didn’t die immediately to PD :p

1:30: …for half a second :p

3:45: No PD? 😮

6:12: Really, Stanith? 😮 He’s moving at full speed, you fired the Charge *behind* him, didn’t have him in a Gravity Well… The only way he was satying in range of that is if he acted reacted very quickly with an intent of suicide :p Besides, it’s an Equalizer on half health, don’t waste your nuke on him when Plasma will get the job done in 10 seconds anyway 😉

6:31: Holy crap! Operator just time traveled! 😛

9:20: Aim could use some work but good tactics 😉

11:45: Beacon.

12:30: Lol, they just kept throwin’ bait at ya! :p With a bit better aim that could have been a ridiculous cleanup job there :p Was really hoping one of those shots on the Equalizer would connect.

15:37: First, why do you keep decloaking before you get into the bubble? That gives them time to respond by seeing you on the map 😮 Second, beacon again :p

16:46: Used Anchors too soon. He wasn’t even moving when you fired the Charge 😮 Still, try to fire it in front of them, rather than behind. You can even use the default range, if they are moving quickly, by deselecting them before you fire the Charge. Then you can plant it well ahead of them 😉

23:25: That’s great news 😀

You probably shouldn’t watch Eezee’s stream of this :p I think you did alright, though. Thanks for the vid 🙂

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