Fractured Space – 4K PC Gameplay – Space MOBA

Fractured Space – 4K PC Gameplay – Space MOBA

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ratty redemption says:

looks good.

Leadcolt says:

You’ll have to hit me up somewhen strain, we could capture the galaxy.

LateNight Dragon says:

What recorder do you use?

ThatSnowTrooper says:

First !

ScoobyDigits says:

this is a pretty cool game the ships designs turned some people off but the gameplay is pretty cool and the ship designs are different. The jump effects I thought were really nice.

Corvette Dude says:

3rd person view of your own ship wrecks the game for me and makes it look fake.

IW- 80 says:

To get or not to get…

Jensen says:

Писец слепой тормоз)

Dallas_Red says:

TY for the pc instruction, makes an old lady like me realize I might be able to enjoy this, going to get it now…

Ryan Desjardins says:

hey why the hell didnt you use your gravity nuke in your first engagement

jsizzlesaurusrex says:

For those that havent noticed this guy is making some shoddy play at best. He is stopping to shoot for instance.

Extreme JP says:

Do all the ships look like dildos?

Thecrazyheadphoneguy says:

Please tell me this has fpv option

AgeingFPS says:

This does look beautiful.

Katimashi says:

Downloading it now.

GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle says:

*Damn Chris this game looks real as all get out ..;o) Looking forward for more videos on this title . Peace Mitch and Ash*

Martin Schulz says:

I’m getting it

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