Fractured Space ► NOT DREADNOUGHT! – Fractured Space Gameplay

✠ Fractured Space ✠

This is Fracture Space, not Dreadnought. But, actually, if you liked that game, you might enjoy Fractured Space gameplay.

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Fractured Space is an award winning free-to-play space MOBA where you control a gigantic capital ship to seize mines and bases for resources and buffs. Play solo, co-op PvE or 5-v-5 PvP. The intensity of a shooter combines with tactical decision making as you battle to capture the enemy’s base.
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Draw dex says:

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Qinkai Zhang says:

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Zarek Industrial says:

Your bombers and Fighters can rearm & refuel at the Cap waypoint, so they dont have to fly Back to you. also it boost the Cap rate. you can use instead of the Cap waypoint a detect waypoint like the usr Pioneer has, just that the Fighters &bombers can rearm at the paragons One. it detects enemy cloakers in that area and enemy ships

ienhiki says:

star conflict and space engineers are better in my opinion have you played star conflict?

King Garvey says:


Yes I’m gonna be one of then scrublords + Cookie is best girl

_Cpt_Oblivious_36 _ says:

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the cop says:

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MisterM No Copyright Music says:

looks amazing!

נפתלי דויטש says:

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ZeNex74 says:

vs dreadnought?

Michael aldana says:

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snakejabba says:

cookie waifu, nice vid, downloading the game now thanks to you.

George Prince says:

cookie Waifu….I have had this game for a long time and I am with you, it was terrible at the start…

Meya Enyo says:

woo they added more ships to Dreadnought!

Brian Cad says:

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Nick Saes says:

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Amorph says:

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Nice game

Daniel Field says:

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Валентин Вълчев says:

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evan kong says:

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GrimRubix says:

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The Budgie Admiral says:

Very nice review, you do not say anything completely wrong like certain other people (e.g. the Executioner is a sniper according to a Youtuber). That Magma Lance is not bugged by the way, since missiles in Fractured Space launch more in a flat line rather than in aparabolic flight pattern, you need to pay attention to your positioning or else mssiles will miss their target. This is in fact crucial with ships like the Black Widow, which has slow turning frontal missiles as it’s main weapon, and hence has to keep targets in its front. The Leviathan, Displacer and Ranger are good examples of the same issue. Missiles are generally better at range because they have no falloff.
Overall, if you would do more videos on Fractured Space, I would definitively subscribe to your channel! Your Dreadnought videos are also of great quality, and so I am looking forward to more FS on your channel!
PS: You could have mentioned that you take 4x damage while jumping, so you need to be extremely careful of your surroundings. Cloaked ships like the Ghost are only waiting for you to jump out in their range and tear you apart within one second. :I
Merry Christmas!

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