FOR THE EMPRAH – Space Hulk Tactics Gameplay [Sponsored]

Space Hulks Tactics Gameplay with Splat! This is Sponsored get the game here :

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Freak Azoid says:

Though I understand very well your ties to your Battle Brothers, I must stand with my Shas’La and the Unity. Though some say the Tau are Xeno Communists, those people do not understand Unity, and more frighteningly they do no understand Communism.

Beatle1283 says:

Why hello there Warmaster Horus …. Loopercat. 😉

Heraldy Axelevi says:

If only we can play as the Salamander in digital Space Hulk game and just spam flamers like there’s no tomorrow XD

David Emerson says:

“It would be kinda cool to have a pet Genestealer.”

That’s Heresy, Splat. Take care that the Ordos of His Most Holy Inquisition don’t hear you.

addmore Hops says:

I love tactic games like this.

Jenny Eel says:

Spat love your stuff, especially 40K stuff!

Sasquatch Hadarock says:

>”I’m not a filthy xenos”
> plays ork in rl

Cloaked Wanderer says:

When are they gonna have you do the voice of a flashlight captain?

Aleksander Hoppe says:

At least 😀

CRazyStudioz says:

This was quite short, but Hell yeah, just like the hold Space Hulk episodes.

jarlupathingy says:

I imagine the blood cookies being red velvet with white chocolate chips. Though since they like to make their armor ornate I can see them decorating cakes.

Badguy says:


Tycho X says:

You can play as the Genestealers?? FOR THE EMPRAH!!!

Nick Crusaire says:

the god-emperor would be P R O U D of that opening cinematic, that was just amazing. the VO is 10/10, dev did a good job with SH:deathwing as well. hopefully this one is more lore / rule friendly, i didn’t quite agree with autoguns hurting terminators, but eh not like you came across alot of autogun wielding enemies after the first objective.

you are actually not too far off with the blood angels theme, they have “blood chalices” which is said to contain the blood of their primarch, sanguinius, and drinking from the chalice will rejuvenate and regenerate the marine fully (lost limbs and innards need to be replaced the old fashioned way).

mrtop hat says:

My butt robys are ready for combat lol

Ava Van Pelt says:

I want this on my Xbox so bad. Gotta get paid first. Ive been so excited to play this. Glad you are too. I want to be the aliens.

Dave Hill says:

Umm, Splatty… You *do* know that there’s been a tactical Space Hulk game since 1989 right? 🙂 I mean, I get why you’d have waited for the good graphics and all, but you could have tided yourself over.

Doom Jester says:

Except when you get ahold of too much dakka, it may be worse during this Orktober…

hamburger ofDOOM says:

Brothers! Bring the Blood Orange Lemonade and Cookies!

Kureshima Katsumi says:

that video ended so quickly… more of those pls

Marian Bielcik says:


Burdie Birdie says:

any chance you’ll be streaming this in MP before launch?

Mason K says:

Hey Splat! If you ever run out of content, you might want to try out Bastion from Supergiant games. It might be old news, but it just re-released on Switch, so there should be some hype. Best part-contact damage is optional!

hunter lancer says:

Make those heretics Spare LOOPS for the emperor!

Slightly Oddish says:

I’m browsing your channel for potential future game download

Ae Norist says:

Yea, no, top down is the only tolerable way to play this game.

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