FIRST LOOK : NEW OPEN WORLD SPACE RPG : SpaceBourne Gameplay : New Elite Dangerous? EP1

Spacebourne Gameplay! First Look at Spacebourne that reminds me of Elite Dangerous meets Rebel Galaxy! Upgrade your Character and Ship, Space Battles, Economy, Upgrades, Mayhem…What more do ya Want?!
Spacebourne is an open space exploration game with Rpg elements. Its world consists of different factions at war. You as an expert pilot need to choose your side or be on no one’s side and create a force of your own. Load up your weapons, Ready your ship and warp to adventure.


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Spacebourne on Steam:

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Erock says:

So it’s not multiplayer?

Marcus Nilsson says:

Game looks ass

Divergent Droid says:

I would play this if the ship had a first person cockpit view.

Kyle Mcclellan says:

Not like elite at all

Psyber Playlist says:

Game play reminds me a bit of the ‘ole wing commander from back in the day

LoveRyuDo says:

Hope x4 foundations will be the best single player space sandbox this nov

Richard Flagg says:

I love the game so far great grafs and more. and as always 5 stars Diesel.

nowgli69 says:

This game looks interesting – looking forward to the next episode!

Xen Anon says:

F… Freelancer?

Timpraetor says:

Did a ninth grader failing English write that dialog??? That makes it hard to get to the part where you actually play the game.

JustForFunX80 says:

“New Elite Dangerous?” In the tittle ? Not really no, your game suck hard.

Ems_Squad Roblox says:

Your the best SOOO COOOOL

Trevor Goodchild says:

Subbed! Thanks for showcasing this-
I have not heard of it. I love space games and RPG’s

Josh Abraham says:

Well I agree not elite dangerous but deff star conflict sister game… Also at 33 mins around there anyone notice the dude kick the alien prisoner I am assuming as soon as he does he loses his head lol

The Infidel says:

Wait …they actually finished Star Citizen? its just the indoor frame rate that tricked me…black magic.

Xanferatu says:

like for the Event Horizon easter egg

jalom says:

Love to see you do an x4 foundations gameplay video when it hits next month

jalom says:

Gameplay does have that rebel galaxy feel mixed with starpoint gemini active abilities thrown in. Looks fun

Andy space says:


Ston3saw says:

Nice Game, I think, thx for the good Video. Do you Plan to do more Episodes on it?

enCODed3 says:

When did Swarm Missiles become “Flares”

Matthew Fraser says:

Im not fomd 3rd person space sims

Beylix says:

This is an abomination.

Chris Bailey says:

Wait! Is that the old saga game chick from the vr that failed in the 90s? The “where did you learn to fly?” Chick? I heard she constantly came on saying that the whole time. Awesome game.

Matthew Sharpe says:

Hmm, this is indeed a lot like Rebel Galaxy, but has zero in common with Elite Dangerous other than they are both set in space. This is a mission/quest driven arcade play style game, ED is a open play space “simulator”

Spitfire 2103 says:

this look or played nothing like elite dangerous at all, i mean have u even played the game?

Pheekabooken says:

when hobbits meets space 🙂

can375 türk says:

bu oyun bir bağımsız yapım

Isaac G Gunnink says:

you are the best diesel.

Demon 223 says:

Wow this game is pretty cool. I liked the ship in the beginning of the game. This one isn’t so cool lol. Great vid diesel!! I would like to see more of this game!!

Joseph Bojtor says:

I played a few hours of this so far, it’s surprisingly good

dagoelius says:

Do you want to know more?…..- Yes, yes I do.

JWM says:

Looks awesome, thanks !

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