EVERSPACE 35+ Minutes of EPIC Gameplay (Upcoming PC Xbox One Roguelike Space Shooter)

This is 37 Minutes of gameplay from Everspace for the PC and Xbox One. Have you had the chance to checkout Everspace for the PC and Xbox One? If so, what do you think of it so far? Comment your thoughts on EVERSPACE for PC and Xbox One! Everspace is set to launch on Steam Early Access September 14th!

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Read more about Everspace-
Everspace is a single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the “Galaxy on Fire” series.

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İyi biri says:

How you can not to hit to the enemy missiles and waiting to them gives you damage??? Watch to the other videos and learn to thats man..

Robert Anderson says:

away with this…..back to play FreeSpace2 open!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NitroCorn says:

Well this looks amazing.

malloc_free says:

Probably has 1% of the universe size of No Mans Scheisse but contains some actual content and gameplay.

Coldby says:

a little disappointed that there’s no momentum. you just stay in place when the gas is off. makes the game too easy imo

Radio Bikini says:

I love space games but the amount of asteroids in most games is way over done.

Coke A-Cola says:

Will this be the successor to freelancer?

LeJimster says:

Do we expect Everspace to get Vulkan support at some point? I know Epic and some volunteers are helping bring Vulkan desktop support into UE4, it can’t be too far off from being released.

Remnants of a Titan says:

lol same makers of that one ios game Galaxy o fire Im guessing?

i hate anime February says:

Definitely buying Everspace for my Xbox one.

Bort Henderson says:

Played this for a few hours, it gets boring very fast. FTL is a better game and has a very similar feel. Sometimes pretty graphics can’t make up for mediocre game play. It is also over priced, $20 would be a fair price not the $40 + they are asking

OhsHiasTheres says:

I heard it’s like FTL and elite dangerous which sounds fucking great

Luke Coutts says:

are all areas the same? with just asteroids and a blue skybox?

nithid n says:

this will be like no man sky

Sebastian M. says:

Looks so repetitive and boring. You can look at any lets play, it always looks the same: fly around, kill the same enemies over and over again, gather resources, get to the next sector and… that’s it! Another pricey early access, where your hopes and dreams fill the many, many holes, that will never be filled by the developers.

Alex 64a1787 says:

Will this be also available on Ps4?

Original Mirage says:

It looks like Galaxy On Fire just a bit prettier

Brian Mann says:

Just space combat in this game?

tommaso renieri says:

+GameCross Hi, can you show the Specs of the PC you are using, and the framerate, please? I really want to buy this game

Red Maxx XIII says:

Are planets explore-able like in No Man’s Sky?

Ali Khezry says:

is this game level based or open world?

Timmy Monk says:

can you land on planets?

Carter Wilson says:

why does the ship slow down when you stop accelerating?

José Ignacio Silva Nash says:

Nice quiet and smooth gameplay

MrGrompok says:

I just wounder when we going to grow out of this “fighter jets in space” kind of games and start admiring something more like “spaceships in space” kind of games …

Dark Dread God says:

I want it on xbox

Eric Lopez says:

Controls much better in the PC than Xbox.

Brendan Powell says:

na, looks to Arcady

dr Freeman Gaming says:

EPIC Gameplay ? in sector ONE ????? I m filming sector 6 allready

Lamplordable says:

I just love seeing comments talking about No Mans Sky when this game has so little similarity. /sarcasm

Nash786 says:

Is there any similar game on the PS4?

Matt Robson says:

Needs Multiplayer.

fikimiki44 says:


Nin Gannel says:

Not Epic

Elite Huso says:

this game is very short, I got bored after a week, we need something like Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous

ekonsai Yekkl says:


Артем Спиридонов says:

Damn it. Me want X-like game. With rich economy, open living world, AI player ships…not another pew pew.

Game Fun Kids says:

wow video very nice

Hector Ortiz says:

No mini map?

BlackMaze says:

For a 60 FPS video the footage seemed to smear a lot when moving quickly. Possibly you are rendering with interlacing turned on? I would recommend to turn that off for video games! 🙂

khlorghaal says:

So it’s a walking simulator in space?

dd0s84 says:


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