Event[0] Gameplay Playthrough Part 1 – Lost In Space… With Only A Computer (Event 0 Gameplay)

Welcome to my gameplay playthrough for Event 0 or Event[0]. Event[0] is a sci-fi narrative exploration game where you build relationships with a lonely spaceship computer to get home to Earth. In this episode we reach a lost space cruise ship and some interersting bad things happen. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Event[0] thanks for watching and liking.

Event[0] Playthrough Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEngsjAeWQXgybaXI2MMX8FdSliYYKbSh

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Intro: Pure Gold 1 – Niklas Ahlström
Outro: JAWN – Duck of Doom https://soundcloud.com/jawnmusic/duck-of-doom


A Spooky Manatee says:

Starts out kind of like Firewatch.

THEFIRE360 says:

is there an actual song at 6:57 or no?

John Ken says:

Do you know what the Drive is? If not, why didn’t you ask WHAT it was before asking anything else?

Survival Podcast Studios says:


TheAssassin815 says:

I guessed Europa 12 🙁

Russian Brix says:

event horizon. its event horizon.

Jonathan Lee says:

15:53 that’s Jupiter, Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons

Hyden says:

When Draegast pronounces EVA, ‘E-VAH’ when it should be pronounced ‘E-V-A’ because it’s an acronym and stands for ”Extra Vehicular Activity’ suit. So basically a spacesuit for going outside a space station.

robbie scalf says:

Dre is it basically subnautica in space

Herb Ceguerra says:

Eropa 11 is like Apollo 11

Gillardin Paul says:

i cringed so hard with your tipping

Rojestros says:

don’t you want to leave alive dickbagels? No. -_-

Ash says:

Fuck you and your need to point out that people would be but hurt if the game developers didn’t add “they”. You don’t need to fucking comment on it, you can just ignore it. It’s existence doesn’t hurt you. But it’s lack of existence could potentially hurt a lot of people.

You made a nice moment absolute shit. I hope you realize that you can just shut your mouth next time.

The Glad Hatter says:

I’m usually a big fan of your videos, but this is really bad. A few points I personally don’t like: 1. You mispronounce a lot of words, man. E.V.A.? Come on. Just say the letters. And this word you keep using in all your videos “Speciality” not a word man. Specialty. That’s a word. 2. You move through this game too fast and miss things, and you don’t read everything, which will make it easier. You don’t have to show yourself reading everything, but you get in a rush to show content. Take your time, itll be more entertaining.

King Domaniac says:

12:06 “oh it is my bad dickbagels “

Mrjpz says:

was that kids irl or in the game because I’m so confused

Darryl Eloff says:

I JUST DOWNLOADED THIS… why am i watching someone play it when i can just go do it myself XD (because i love watching sexy men doing sexy things :))

AT0M1C YouTuber says:

It’s not “eva suits”. It’s E-V-A suits. ALSO PLEASE DO A FULL PLAYTHROUGH

jort93z says:

nietzsche is a german philosopher btw. 😀 one of the most famous ones in fact.

IHaveWaffles says:

884e is the title of a scantron we use at my school

Vanilla Bumblebee says:

Now I feel like going back to Alien Isolation.

T-Door says:

Right beside a little planet.. Yea.. Just the little planet Jupiter… “Little”

Blizgamer YOLO says:

it looks good

TerribilisScriptor says:

*sees jupiter, largest planet in the solarsystem*
“oh we’re right besides a little planet! thats so cool.”

draegast 2016 ladys and gentleman

Jared F. F. says:

Hey Draeg! You should check out Rogue Galaxy sometime if you haven’t already! Its a great looking game that has a smooth polished gameplay. That and Evochron Legacy are both gems that I don’t see much talk about but are great exploration games that have a lot of content. Like No Man’s Sky with fun added.

Crow Pond says:

Better use that gender neutral pronoun or els- t R I G G ER E D

おもしろ動画ちゃんねる says:

its looks like no man sky but 100 times better gameplay

Elijah Ivey says:

is it just me or did the 80s ship remind you of alien isolation

Lordz Of Fatman says:

Good story so far

Doc Sinclair says:

one of the “eye” Images showed the Chernobyl reactor that exploded in 1986…

X Creslex X says:

im just here to see what happens after the cliffhanger jack gave us

Jake Fernus Hunter (Boundedsumo) says:

I’m getting an alien: Isolation vibe from this, and not in a good way


Maxim Teleguz says:

who actually called that number @ 10:35?


doge needs moar

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