Event 0 Gameplay – The Space Garden, Unlocking The Bridge – Event[0] Playthrough Part 2

Welcome back to another episode of Event 0. In this episode we go deeper into the story of Kaizen and learn a little more about this ship. At the end we figure out the password to unlock the bridge and have some pretty interesting scenarios along the way. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Event 0, thanks for watching and liking.

Event 0 Gameplay Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEngsjAeWQXgybaXI2MMX8FdSliYYKbSh

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TheLowlyGentlemen -Gybelsbavo says:

You’re save in the comments. 😉

Kim Robin S. Egra says:

Draegast you need to play more Event[0]

death says:

epi 3 or will be riots

Alan Nguyen says:

Don’t insult Kaizen, Drae kek

Up3r W00D3N TABL3 says:

drae number signs are sharp notes

Jennifer Goddard says:

Please make more

French Skateboarding, music, comic says:

at 7:10 at the left

Coconut219 says:

You might of accidentally sequence-broke. XD that’s why you suddenly have no idea whats going on. I think kaisen assumes you know what your doing and that it was on purpose.

Avery Hill says:

Europa is not a planet.

Kamikaze Commie says:

This is the sort of game that should be played by someone much smarter than you. You just make it look way too hard and it’s frustrating to watch.

E.X.N.D The Bachelor says:

you better not take a week to make part 3.

Simon Pule says:

Kaizen was like the definitions of a teenage girl in this video.

keytracer says:

dude, go do part 3, before you forget again.

aj yeomans says:

Does anyone see what I’m seeing? At 28:43 on the first and second bar it spells first ” HELPane” and second “rust-ME”. do you guys see it? I put it in caps. What does this mean? Are there other hidden messages? Is this just a coincidence?

Andre Le Maistre says:

My ocd is bothered that gravity disappears whenever a room depressurises

Acex says:

This is a great series in my option I strongly suggest doing more and this game gives (I think) a very nervous feeling and leaves me on the edge of my seat keep it up Drae

David Loto says:


Falcie Adam says:

25:42 I require reassurance, dickbagels!

JurassicAnime500 P says:

I really can’t believe that you don’t know Jupiter

Martial Sunwalk says:

don’t die dickbagels, stay determined

XxAldeNxX 9000!! says:

please do more of this series i love it!

DragoNate says:

I’m glad you checked the roof!

carlos hernandez says:

Do part 3 plz

Kwakinati - Ammo Box Studios says:

The fact that you had to talk with the computer for so long before it let you out makes this game so much more awesome

Trey says:

It’s changing not charging

Kilkie Goldaron says:

“help anele” on the coordinate terminal in the “o” line

Colby Fritz says:

why does this game consist of typing on a bigass computer

ッ Dusken ッ says:

Why am I thinking bioshock?

French Skateboarding, music, comic says:

at 7:10 at the left

Snakularity says:

“that’s an earth-like planet”

A.J. Pennacchio says:

Bru that’s europa

Craig VanArsdel says:

Lol well that test is the only part that you “need to remember” sometihng yourself and you dont even have to for it. The ai will help you remember. But the coolest part of this game for me was when i wanted to go back outside to do the antennas the ai wouldnt open the door for me cuz she thought i was going to get hurt so i went around trying to find another way and then i went back and tried to talk her into it and she kept saying no so I said fuck you and she locked me in the room and said i dont want you here anymore and she opened th hatch and let me outside finally lol. So i did what i had to do and I just had to apologize to her and she let me back in. She told me not to do that again and lol I didnt

Lucas Chenault says:

The planet you’re seeing is Jupiter and Europa is one of its moons

Maximized_T says:

“space stuff” XD love your reactions to this game Drae!

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