EPIC SPACE ADVENTURE and REPLICON ATTACK! – Space Bob vs. The Replicons Gameplay

Welcome to Space Bob vs. The Replicons! Space Bob vs. The Replicons is a physics-based planetary exploration and survival game.

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Space Bob vs. The Replicons Gameplay Overview:

Space Bob vs. The Replicons is a physics-based, light-hearted, planetary exploration and survival game in the final stages of development for PC (Mac & Linux soon).

Combining hand crafted planets with procedurally generated content for endless replayability, experience elements of survival, platforming, adventure and space exploration while exploring Bob’s world with his companion AI.

Armed with a basic blaster, a jet pack, a multi-functional grappling gun, a personal landing craft, and his own warp capable refinery ship, Bob thinks he’s about to embark on a cushy new life working for Space Salvage Corp. Little does he know; he’ll be lucky to survive an hour.

Explore dozens of planets, collect resources, salvage what you find to craft upgrades, and fight for your life while trying to uncover the time-bending mysteries of Bob’s universe.

Things start out nice and relaxed but rapidly escalate towards a full-on alien invasion with Replicons swarming over every planet. You can choose to play it safe and make a quick escape – through the jump gate – or explore Bob’s world in depth with an ever increasing risk of death.

Whether you survive or die, an average play session is designed to take 30-90 minutes. At first you’ll die, but soon you’ll learn to survive long enough to discover that death is not as permanent as it seems. Dig even deeper and you’ll find yourself working with mysterious forces to save mankind from alien obliteration over multiple games..

Although the game may initially appear to use traditional 2D sprites, it instead uses polygons. This allows for improved performance but also the ability to seamlessly zoom from viewing an entire planet down to having Bob fill the screen, and all without any pixelation.

All objects are physics enabled with precise, complex, and realistic collisions. You’ll need to figure out how to efficiently connect objects together and return them to your refinery ship in orbit while managing their weight as they swing around the game’s environments. Oh, and don’t forget that you’ll need to do it while trying to survive an alien invasion. Good luck!

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Download Space Bob vs. The Replicons on Steam:


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Connor Fitzgerald says:

Yussss! Derpy physics games for the win!

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Omg can u believe two great things combined! My b-day is on the 23 of February aaand I love games about space and exploring!

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Noah Crocker says:

Wow this game looks really cool hope it turns into a series.

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MORE!!! ;0

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Do more space bop I love it

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yes blitz

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Thank You for the playthrough
Looks like this game succeeded where no mans sky failed

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very good more video please.

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More tasty planet plz

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he should kidnap the replicon ship
Also play more Blitz its a great game!

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Do more

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Yes more

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Bob not bop

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amazing just we need more of this because it seems to be your type of game Blitz

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Do more!!!!

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I like it

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I thought he and the title said republicans

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Blitz can you please capture the replicon ship? :’)

Karter Q says:

Do more

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I like it

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I wished the game saved ;-;

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And space vgeen

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I really enjoy this! Please make this a series!!

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refine bob

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it was 666 until i liked the video

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I want more!!!

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Nice game

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do more

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I want a series olz

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