Endless Space – Let’s Play Walkthrough Gameplay Overview Part 1 – All Hail The Pilgrims

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Just having a brief look and overview of the turn based strategy game Endless Space which is quite interesting and very involving.


Tarlocx says:

thank you for helping me save money Turn based strategy = SUCKS LIKE HELL! sad really cause this game sounded like a 3rd person Shooter adventure combination with heavy focus on voxel style resources but its a TBS to it sucks.

xhunterxwolfx says:

Woooo Steam sales!

Speaker for the Dead says:

This is just like Civilization, except in space…

blasterjosh says:

it has gameplay that is similar to the final frontier mod of the civilization 4 game, but a lot better

Ezequiel Cohen says:

pleaaaseee stop using thet fake accent, its not cool

Panzerfanlol c: says:

i have civ 5 but should i get this?

The Kitten Sisters says:


Paslon says:

HOLY SHIT JUST SHUT UP AND EXPLAIN THE GAME. CHRIST. How long can you sit there and pontificate on the different empires?!!?!

Leonardo says:

? Annoying voice?!? In my opinion not…I mean if you have an annoying voice every humas will be a fuckin duck!

Gogoheadray says:

Just bought this

Klarg says:

There’s GOOD episodes of home and away?

phooogle says:


Mark Zayat says:

your accent sounds like a mix of german, british and american sorry hahaha 

Valortome says:

You got a amazing accent! and thanks for the help!

Supercooper28 says:


Joshua Hunt says:

is it me or does the flax cannon look like the halo banshee

Derp. says:

I thought it was real time like Sins of a Solar Empire. Now I don’t want it anymore.

SaicaFox says:

good it doesn’t want you either

myhybrid09 says:

Do we have any say in combat (tactical) or is it just played out by the AI for both sides?

Metal00m says:

Going to what you said in the first minute of the video, “I have never played a game like Endless Space,” try and play Galactic Civilisations II, its on steam and is quite old now but is really fun. =)

Claudio henrique da Costa says:

Excellent video

Donovan Warden says:

god dam kid you’r annoying as shit in you’r video. no offense but dear god you say alas over and over and its not even an aussi word. lol just lettin u knw its annoying good vid tho and good walk through but dear god kid. and no spore is just liek endless space


What he/she mean’s is American’s generally find it hard to understand the work’s of joke’s and sarcasm.

Musica says:

that’s what i was thinking

Beast of the Far East says:

better than Ogame

Raaaaaaaaaafls says:

I don’t know if anyone said this but actually according to wikipedia 720p is 1280×720 píxeles, and 1080p is 1920×1080 píxeles. So your game is running on 1080p resolution.

Gabriel Figueiredo says:

Man, one word for this vídeo… boring… to much talk and little game itself…

iReign x says:

So it is like Sid Meier’s Civilisation but in space?

JMPERager says:

I’ll be getting this when I get my salary 🙂

Josh Davis says:

Not all people from the US are stupid

Will Quebec says:

In the U.S it is also $30, $29.99 USD to be exact.

Ó Braonáin says:

Whoever knew that Keith David would be the leader of the Pilgrims!?

NIG NOG says:

the real question is, is there a good episode of home and away?

Metal00m says:

Galactic Civilisations II is closer to sid than ES

ProvAoEGaming says:

Pilgrims: Hybrid Human Beans.

Chase Sandlin says:

Heroes are actually more akin to the Officers you can hire from Master of Orion II

moleogod says:

so dust is spice

Jones redfield says:

Is there a tutorial that you can play in the game? :p

Wabadebadoo Olelikemjoel says:

Please elaborate your statement. I can’t comprehend what you’re trying to say.

Nick Kern says:

Lol probably free in the us cause of how steam screws Australians over. I already can’t wait to watch this

Christopher O'Neil says:

So basically, this is like Solaris.

purplemnkydshwshr says:

this games seems like a mix/parrallel of Sins of a asolar empire and sword of the stars, looks good

phooogle says:

You surprised ? He’s from the US 😛

Bob Jones says:

Nice job, mate!

Doubstep Reality says:

is the map randomized?

SomeOrdinary Nigga says:

Kinda late, but the gameplay is inspired by Masters of Orion

ozzie marrero says:

just bought this game…. looks fun but im pretty fucking confused. I’ll be sticking to your videos for reference. thanks 🙂

Lolerburger says:

Amen to that brother.

PHeMoX says:

Not quite the same type of game in my opinion, but one could definitely argue it’s basically a similar turn-based strategy game. The pacing of this game and the way research is strongly required for many many important parts of progress and gameplay makes this a much harder game than Civilisation is. Combat in Endless Space is also not hex-based and the fleet combat with it’s rock-paper-scissor cardplay together with it’s overall strength is way more random and less about pure numbers.

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