Endless Space 2 – Let’s Play The Unfallen – Part 1 [1.0 Gameplay]

Let’s Play Endless Space 2 as the Unfallen! Endless Space 2 is a turn-based, 4X space-strategy and a sequel to Endless Space. This series shows release version gameplay (the game was released out of early access on May 18th 2017). Endless Space 2 Playlist ► http://bit.ly/EndlessSpace2Release

You can find Endless Space 2 on Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/392110/Endless_Space_2/

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Matheus Esteves Monteiro says:

DarkSouls references about the First Flame.

Fiqri Rihyawan says:

Voice acting in this game is magnificent !

Marbozir says:

Checking out the release version of Endless Space 2! As usual, the best place for discussions is my Discord server (you can find invite link in video description).

Mak says:

Zoom in more! That collapsing star looks great

Joel Lemus says:

Looks cool, continue the great vids Marbs!

Tyrone Simpson says:

honestly, fuck you

Pallington - Junkrat's American Cousin says:

The background music’s pretty nice

HG Shurtugal says:

Why do they allways call money something different in games like this.

NutellaWaifu says:

loved this vid! any games set in space are so great c:

Yo Han says:

The art and animation is freaking beautiful

Schopenhauer says:

What is his accent?

Ralph Picc says:

What’s the difference between Galactic Civilizations III and Endless Space 2?  I cant tell the difference

CannedPsycho says:


SuperKami Guru says:

15:00 no available construction is available, but they have plenty of redundant redundancies.

Rellana1 says:

I’m wondering if they removed the auto-ending wars systems they had in Alpha,as it was ending wars automatically without any
option ton your part,which I thought was the most annoying thing ever.

Deliverant says:

Don’t know what to thing of this game at first glance, is any good? any comparison vs stellaris?

Danny Sil says:

Very interesting game. It feels like I would get into this, but looks bit deep for me. I’ll be sure keep watching, good stuff. 🙂

Sir Illuminar The Valient says:

I’m getting serious Star Wars empire at war vibes from this game

shadowmlb says:

omg this game looks beautiful i need it right now

Handle Bard says:

OK – so if the AI turn up with a hero called Riblogg…. get out of there fast! 🙂

Cuttlefish Empire says:

That moment when you get an endless space 2 ad before an endless space 2 video

grocal says:

Typowy polski akcent. Typical Polenglish accent.

Twiisty Bacon says:

lowkey love your voice marbs

Concerned says:

Is there any fantasy-styled 4x strategy game? The only one I know of is Endless Legend

Valosar Aria says:

I love this game so much, each race is so unique and interesting!

Q8ee says:

Marbozir! I found your channel again. I used to binge-watch your HoI4 videos to understand how to play, and I found your voice hella soothing. I lost you but now I’ve found you again and I’m never gonna let you go

thoronir gros says:

Awesome thank you! I liked the first one.

Fraccles says:

I cannot get over how the voices of these guys do not match their looks lol. Other media has made me expect something completely different.

Husarz says:


Fabian Salini says:

You sound like the fucking Terminator.

cdsami says:

i have been waiting for this since the last LP

thoth8888 says:

The game released early, it is out now not tomorrow.

ragharA2 says:

No relevant or available construction is available.

Kael says:

Haha, 15 minutes in and I’m starting to love your accent.

luckystriker says:

Beautiful-looking game, that’s for sure.

junibismalis says:

Look at that huge ash!

Brandon Johnson says:

I really am liking the style of the game. Flashy, futuristic, but not overdone UI, great sound design, great graphics. Looks very fun.

Luigi Gallucci says:

nice stuff there, instant sub here, ciao!

Irrehaare says:

What a shame this franchise combat isn’t an evolution of the old Master of Orion 2 combat, a turn based, tactical combat with some depth. This is a major downside.

JustAMuffinLover says:

forward settling… forward settling never changes.

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