Endless Space 2 Gameplay – Vodyani Part 1 Early Access

Endless Space 2 returns us back to the Endless universe. In this lets play of Endless Space 2 Early Access version we play as Vodyani. Vodyani are a nomadic people who can use dust to gather up a resource known as Essence, this resource allows you to build more Ark ships and population.

Playlist: http://bit.ly/2dznisY

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Farhan Khan says:

this games looks like every thing is happening but i cant see it,

Rakso Blixt says:

…So its basically a better looking Stellaris or?o.O

AngleWyrm says:

An annoying and distracting habit that appears across many video streamers is to end a paragraph of discussion with “so that’s good.” It’s a flag that says “I don’t understand what I’m looking at.”

Robert Honaker says:

You’ve got the Vodyani’s gameplay all wrong. Their main focus is leeching other factions population. The Dust to Essence stuff is just an alternative way to get Essence, but it’s not as good as leeching.
Disapointing to see this as the first series of gameplay for Endless Space 2.

ShadowKylar says:

Why the hell Do you have it already? ;( waiting one and a half year for it now

Dave Sobani says:

I kinda want the Endless legend factions to come in he says , Gets the necropahges ^^

Joseph Horro says:

Whats the point of the probes? Why do you need to click each world, are the probes limited in scans per turn or something?

(edit) Doh… he says like 10s more into the video….

Alexander Schöneberg says:

And here i always thought everyone loves the Vaulters. 😀

iyabiya says:

I love that dumb character design, they’re some sort of weird manifestations of light or whatever? but they gotta have them titties, you cant have aliens without titties


Basically Vodyani is Broken lords in SPACE! (with tits)

Finnegan Byrne says:

So, overly religious Quarians?

Primarch Rainier of the Starmarks says:

the Vodyani are basically Broken Lords and Cultists babies

zeeba08 says:

FUCKING HYPEE!!! And you got +10 industry not 10%, which is good or bad depending on other stuff. Cant wait for more.

Maestah says:

Can you change your planets names and systems and such? like stellaris

hqwefg says:

Their past includes a prophet who “led people astray”, they’re nomadic going from home to home cause their own home is shit, they want to spread the “one true religion”, and they want to make as much essence as possible. They are definitely Jews In Space. Praise Mel Gibson.

Witch Doctor says:

Can you try enunciating better, it sounds like you shot lidocaine into your jaw right before you decided to film this.

Grolash says:


Kallen Sorgiva says:

If I recall, the Vaulters were the only race to canonically make it off Auriga. All other faction endings were “what-ifs”, which kinda sucks. Would love to see the Cultists again.

Gastronomic Disaster says:

Such elegant design

KhorneMarkOfSlaanesh says:

I hate you. And I love you. I’ve been waiting so freakin’ long to play this and now I have to wait longer, then you come out with this? You don’t know what you’re doing to me Rofls.

Stephen H says:

I loved Endless space 1, I’m excited about Endless space 2. How did he get access to EA so early? Doesn’t it come out on October 6th?

John Johns says:

Vaulters are awesone 😀

Tichondrius1 says:

What you have against Vaulters?

Leery Tree says:

wow vodyiani class,religious and racist,good class to fight againts :p

Darble Arble says:

Hope there’s a Matilda May skin for the Vodyani, their gameplay (but not shape and clothing) remind me of the film Lifeforce.
Please, please use some of that Influence you’re sitting on to force your people to Tithe more. It’s like a 25% Dust boost IIRC, and your Dust is going negative.

That Guy says:

That Lumeris alien lady has huge tits.

Pericles Araujo says:

you discover AURIGA man 12:10!!! EL in ES WOW

Blazichaos says:

I’d be curious how the cultist would act, my best guess are
A. You only have one planet BUT you can overthrow other planets by getting enough “cultist” influence within. (then just there obvious assimilate for small races)

B. You can only have 1 “cultist” pop on each planet and you have to get more pop by nabbing other races people.

Rafael Lipschutz says:

i think that the races from endless legends are in this game cravers=necrophages, vodyani=broken lords

Kyononnon 'why did Gmail screw me over?' says:

Huh, its like if the broken lords became chaos worshipers and began raiding the stars….

sh4dow says:

19:40 I don’t think it’s an armor, but rather the body of the vodyani

Michael Freeman says:

the first one was good i now want this game

Kaleb Brown says:

I’m trying to decide between this and Civ 6….. Since this is in Early Access I just wonder how much content it truly has. Thats why I kinda Wanna just get Civ 6 and wait til Endless space 2 full release

Tom Bar-Gal says:

Does the game progress when you’re not actively playing? Is it a good semi-afk / background-while-working game?

Meiji Marts says:

I really wish that they have static color for races, nobody wants to see a pink Craver race

loki apple says:

For a game coming out in 2016, its turned based. Developer’s should have added the option for both realtime / turn based like few other good titles out there.

Acebrandon117 says:

Why do you want the Vaulters to die out?

Sad Bantha says:

Is there no playable faction that is….human like somehow? I never get warm with playing those alien things…really prevents me from playing the game right now..

WhipMeGrandma says:

Wait how u have this!?

DX_Kidjal says:

Damn, nice soundtrack! Love the first Endless Space…can’t wait for ES2 yay

screamingiraffe says:

Looks incredibly boring

Fede Sur says:

is a turn based game a a real time game ?

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