Endless Space 2 Gameplay – Unfallen Part 1 Full Release


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DX_Kidjal says:

Awww…not fair. How come you got the full version already. Bla bla Review Copy bla bla.. I’ve bought Early Access too you know…hmppphhh…


Rikamar Apex says:

Thanks for the video.
I haven’t seen a game like this before. It’s fascinating to watch. I paused the video a lot to read all the tooltips and look at the great sci-fi artwork.

Christiaan Nienkemper says:

cant wait for this game!!!

NEZUMI says:

The trees the coral and the bugs, the dynamic trio huh?

Cherry Pauper says:

Looks boring. Nothing looked like gameplay to me. I thought you were in the menus for 24 min. until I realized that was the actual game.

Athos says:

This game has some great artworks and designs

Cole Testoni says:

From playing the Unfallen myself on harder difficulties, I have learned that extremely aggressive expansion early is key, because that is your main time to expand your own empire before other empires start to encroach on available systems. Mid and late game I mainly end up gobbling up as many minor factions that I can to help me keep growing every bit. Also if you start the Toys bill and the super tax bill, you will get good early game gold and the loss of science is actually extremely negligible early and making your empire happy or ecstatic leads to bonuses to dust and science that offset the initial lose of science. The Unfallen also thrive off of playing with as many factions as possible, this is because due to the Pacifists main bill giving them huge FIDS boosts per alliance and peace treaty, so make sure you can try to find those main factions as soon as possible. I hope this helped whoever wants to play this faction

Christiaan Nienkemper says:

the unfallen are a community made faction

Tucker Higgins says:

It seems the Unfallen ship design is defense based. Not as many weapons on them as I would like. Meant to outlast the opponent.

RKHSMT5 says:

So it’s like Master of Orion but a little bit better

Baby Brown says:

wow this game looks shit

Z-2552 says:

Do we still get Harmony faction?

Joyde says:

I’d personally like to see some more Vodyani…

Mr Fistycuffs says:

Remember man, the most powerful class of ship, is friendship.

All and all though the more pacifist route in games is usually a lot harder and I am interested in seeing how Endless Space 2 handles it.

shou sheep says:

more plss

Ian M says:

Love the UI, clean crisp and informative. Finally a game gets it right. Love it. More please.

Chilliend says:

I have crippling depression xddd end my misery

splicer1508 says:

00:48, are those guys united empire? There armor looks amazing!

Muhammad Azzim Norfazilan says:

Yup, it is a community faction 😀

Always Openmind says:

Look like Endless operation not play game haha I can’t play so difficult for me , pass ~~~

Nestor Gonzalez says:

you should spank your childern!

Hydro Purifaction says:

Looks like a simplified version of stellaris looks good

Cyber Pirate says:

WTF, I thought this game was going to be open world type but it seems this is only clicking buttons and getting points and shit.

Akira Hanako says:

Friendship is magic!

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