Endless Space 2 Gameplay Trailer – First Look: “The Vision”

The first look at the gameplay of Endless Space 2.

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crazygamer says:

i want dust 0:58

talicadk says:

wish they had the same combat as space when it comes to ground combat

Jacob Wisner says:

It’s really interesting to see Amplitude’s formula for 4x games mature and improve like this. Probably more excited about this one than I am for Civ 6.

Sai S says:

if this will have real time combat like in Total wars series, i would pick this up for sure.

crazygamer says:

i bet their will be a halo and star wars mod for this game and i would like it

Zerebrat Eightyseven says:

i enjoyed endless space one …

Jovian999 says:

One week to Early Access!

VORP A being of Light says:

2:41 – srsly? That’s how battles look in 2016? You are mad!

Dysson Pitcher says:

I forgot SEGA bought out Amplitude.

I hate how I was compelled to utter “FUCK!” as soon as I saw their logo come up. I really hope they don’t ruin this.

Eddy Hays says:

looks much better than one and even that is a legend

William Henry says:

was a solid 9/10 for me until the silly ‘all factions’ heroes come from a single mysterious academy’ thing came up, then it dropped to a decent 7/10.

xetothex says:

where do i sign up

Singularity's Marauder says:

I wonder if cool but hipster races will reappear, like amoeba or hissho.

iconocast says:

totaly got a boner over this

edit- OMG ground combat !

Laughing Shōgun says:

Endless Space… 2? :’)

The music is beautiful. The lore is really interesting. I may just have to buy into the Early Access. I love the Endless series.

Ordinary Username says:

So it’s basically a turn based Stellaris

Назар Шупняк says:

wait wait wait… is that art from endless legend on 0:52?

The Jern says:

make horatio now i will kill all race i m king .i all way play Horatio only in endless 1. make horatio now man

Trent Hubbard says:

Looking forward to this one. Love the first but I’ve played it to death now, ready for an upgrade. Hopefully partnering with Sega means they now have comfortable resources and a solid businesses backing and not that they now have a big brother who will twist development in unsavoury directions.

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