Endless Space 2 GAMEPLAY — Combat, Strategy & Planetary Management

Colin Campbell recently got a chance to check out Endless Space 2, a galactic strategy epic that requires precise combat and data management. Watch as he shows off a 10 minute chunk of the game and what players can expect from Amplitude Studios’ next adventure.

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VyktorAbyss says:

endless legend UI was ok. This seems to have used the same thing. Mechanics wise, I hate their 4 resource rubbish, I hate the leader assign unassign with no real personality. I like the art assets but thats about it.

hyperdude144 says:

“That sloped Armor, though”

Mike A says:

The UI in this looks extremely cluttered, at least when looking directly at planets or in the research tree. I’ve bought every game they’ve made, and I’ll buy this one because it still looks awesome, but hopefully they will make some changes between here and launch. The biggest thing I love about Amplitude is how much they listen to the community, can’t wait for this game.

Krackers87x2 says:

I honestly never get why space game devs spend so much time making beautifully detailed ships with turrets and interesting weapon effects, then always cut corners when it comes to actually destroying the things. No subsystems exploding or chunks of the ship blown off prior, and always one big bland poof type explosion that dissolves the entire ship at once. So fucking underwhelming, especially for a game that’s only combat related appeal is giving you something cinematic to look at but can’t manipulate to keep you entertained.

jerry curtis says:

everything good but the automated combat

labobo says:

Meh Boring!!

Aaron Terell says:

Looks totally awesome!

Rook3v says:

Sorry but this was among the worst gameplay overview videos I’ve seen in awhile. This might be your style, which may work for you and your audience (this being my first time seeing a Colin Campbell video), if so ignore me I guess.. but this to me felt sloppy and lazy.
I know game journalists have a lot of games to wade through, however plopping up a 10min video wherein there’s only about 3mins of actual dialogue explaining whats going on, seems redundant; with that initial third barely doing even that. “Here’s a screen where you take care of your ships” then moving on.. Why bother with the VO at that point; just throw up the gameplay footage and leave it at that. Instead of giving the impression that you’re actually providing worthwhile information.
Of all the genres to say “I’ll let it speak for itself”, 4x strategy is the last where that makes sense. They can potentially be widely divergent from one another in design and gameplay within the genre.
If you going to talk about a game, at least sound like you actually played it or hand it off to someone who will. Otherwise you’re voice just becomes a pointless distraction..

hasta purnomo says:

this is basically total war in space right? i hope sega can do it better

fm / says:

cant wait for that new car boys video. heard it was an excellent battle

Jesus martin20 says:

buen video

Tentacles says:

I’m playing ES2 right now and I love it, but the combat is… I can’t call it bad, because it doesn’t EXIST really, it’s a video delaing the automated results. It’s very frustrating to me, specially considering how good the tactical combat is in Endless Legend.

BK-Crims says:

Looks pretty dope!
Looking forward to it.

Ivan Mous says:

Aww man. The combat looks really unimpressive. I liked the idea of ES1’s combat system, showing those ships and weapons you researched in action, while keeping the battles short enough to not wear on you. I just wished the options for the player were a little bit broader and more natural seeming than the half-a-dozen tactics cards with rock-paper-scissors counters, which you applied in a long, medium and short range phase which always happened in that order. But they seem to have actually stripped the amount of player input, only letting you pick from 3 maneuvers at the start. And yet the battles now appear to last twice as long. The fact that the ships now have actual visible weapons that do the firing isn’t nearly enough to compensate for making the battles so much more boring.

Does anyone know if this is an early-game only thing and you get more input options later in the tech tree? Else I can’t see myself actually bothering to watch these battles.

Real_Big_Boss says:

Is it like Sins of the Solar Empire?

wileywilson says:

Can’t skip advert. Ridiculous.

NefertitisLove says:

The new master of orion looks way better…. this seems like a step backwards in the 4x… 🙁

Kuhoin Kurenai says:

everyone hates the original game’s lack of control over combat and the developer decides that let’s make the combat even less controllable. are you guys dumb or just plain incompetent?

Aaron Terell says:

Looks totally awesome!

cryohellinc says:

Looks great! Cant wait 🙂

Romas Nordman says:

I love this approach to space battles, it’s like what a real general/admiral would experience, most of the strategy is done before the battle. The ground battle seemed bit boring?

doomblackdragon says:

So it seems they have not learned from Endless Space one. Combat is still terrible. So far what I seen from this game. It looks horrible. Glad there other games out on the market like Stellaris.

Irrehaare says:

Combat still sucks, meh.

Carlos Acevedo says:

EVE online skins , Amarr vs Mimmatar ships

Vladislav Ogorelin says:

sound in space, in vacuum?

Jullian Anderson says:

The publisher is Sega and this is in Early Access. Why?

Monarchsub X says:

well at least the music is nice!

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