Endless Space 2 – Ep. 1 [Early Access Gameplay]

Welcome to Endless Space 2 – a turn-based 4X space strategy game, sequel to Endless Space. Endless Space 2 is in early access as of this video, which means this series shows alpha gameplay.
Endless Space 2 series is best viewed from the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHQyGGzRHYIa7ck6PK_tLk2PZ9vEtU4om

Endless Space 2 on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/392110/

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Endslate music from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)


david mcmanamy says:

It is all the series that Marbozir has out atm that really makes me glad that I am semi-retired and have lots of time to view them. Keep up the great work my friend! 🙂

Krysnha says:

Am i the only one that think this guy are like a mafia, i mean tey are traders but the intro make them sounds like mobs

Pattreth says:

awesome, marbs! looking forward to this 🙂

serkan arslan says:

marbs and his games <3 i luv it

SolarMoth says:

I hope we get a non-humanoid race like the Amoebas again!

Spoony Gundam says:

You picked the same faction color that the unknown fleets always start with, so the power balance circle just ended up one color. I think you had an AI set as yellow too, so it’ll also happen there.

Early access!

KrazyHades says:

I hope it’s better than the original Endless Space, which felt like “much worse prequel to Endless Legend”

poilboiler says:

The Vodynai had the best trailer music and-HOLY Marb didn’t pick the science race?!?

RezoAcken says:

This looks pretty good. Sad the early access is fairly limited though.

Firehusary says:

That music in intro was amazing.

Akira Nikamura says:

I really like this new Game, it looks nice and the first one was good too.

Eridan Ampora says:

You actually start with just one scout and a colony ship with the sophons. I cant wait to try out the Lumeris, having played the Sophons and gone through the tedious process of colonizing every planet.

Blood Angel says:

Hey Marbozir, 3 tips:
1) You should assign the first hero to your colony instead of a fleet. He is a tremendous boost to the economy and levels up faster as a governor.
2) Pressing Space changes to the economic view. Each zoom level shows different things,. From diplomacy and trade while on the Galaxy Map, to how your pop will vote while in System view.
3) Check your happiness frequently and don’t over-extend. There are very few things you can do when it’s low (there is no tax slider yet) and it can easily mess you up.

Feykro says:

Optimistic trait is one of the best. It helps to rapid expansion.

Ethanal Spencer says:

Yes!!! Been looking forward to this, LOVED ES1

Eridan Ampora says:

The circle was yellow because both factions were yellow.

Filip Stysiak says:

If you look closely there are actually 2 colors on the circle there. The colors are just very similair.

Feykro says:

Endless Space 1 + Endless legend UI = Endless Space 2

Piotr Szlosarek says:

seems like endless legend teach a few thing’s

ace1262 says:

Dang it man… Must be fun being Marbozir. He gets all the early access good stuff! I envy him a lot hahaha!

Łukasz Roś says:

I loved previous Your Endless Space LP, and this seems even more exciting! 🙂

BandNerdcp says:

The UI of this game is fucking beautiful

Carlos C says:

Yay for fish mafia

Jaime Lannister says:

A new Marbozir series on endless space2? Break out the popcorn boys, LETS GO!!!

Thanks marbs, and freel free to go hog wild on this one and put out 3 or 4 videos a day.

mal doran says:

awesome, thanks for covering this!

Pseudo sanct says:

oh shit son

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