DWARVES IN SPACE SIMULATOR • Deeprock Galactic Gameplay


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Welcome to our mining expedition. Today Aleks, James, Asher and Jakob are heading underground toooooooooooooo…….. break rocks. and mine shit. Also Aleks’ webcam is broken. bonk.

The following is for those multicultural:

kajeno re na le mona tlhahiso e ‘ngoe ea batho ba bangata sebakeng se chekang menyako. webcam ea aleks e sa ntse e robehile, kahoo ke nahana hore re tla tlameha ho tsoela pele ho tsitsa joaloka ka tloaelo

DWARVES IN SPACE SIMULATOR • Deeprock Galactic Gameplay
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buffalo suldier says:

Too tryhard on the edits on this one not a fan

Nicholas Jacobson says:

Really enjoying you guys playing this, hope there’s more to come!

Ethan says:

I love the Aleks edits

Mini Dick Kickem says:

“Hey, lets replace all face footage of our blonde friend with other blonde people or figures from fiction, and see if anyone notices anything different!” -Cow Chop

Dillon Nolan says:

Guess you could call me… *a sand digger*

Tyrone Duck says:

As I was looking at Alek’s facecam I was wondering if they I see Putin yet, just as I thought it Putin popped up. Nice

MrDanniV says:

aleks is a sand digger

Dallas Contreras says:

Takes me back to the good ol time when Alex called James a sand digger.

TheNextLevel41 says:

Is this reddit? Cuz yall shitposting

Mr Grey says:

fuck jacob

Supreme T says:

At the beginning Aleks wanted to be a hero but the betrayal of his friends made him a villain at the end.

Edlen Edwdards says:

does anyone even like asher ?

Nerd_Charmed says:


Trevor Scott says:

Who ever is editing these stop with that bullshit on aleks face

Moose Chocolate says:

Double up load

Deek says:

HA nothing’s funnier than replacing Alek’s face cam with pictures of random people with blonde hair. Ha ha it’s a picture of Logan Paul oh my gosh what a great joke. I guess the editor is sad they don’t get any screen time so they try to force their shitty humor into the video. Just do your fucking job and switch to the other angle you have of Aleks. Stop trying so hard to be funny because you aren’t. The joke was absolutely ran into the ground last episode but you keep doing it. It’s because of these comments by 12 year olds saying “Omg xD these edits are so funny!” I bet you live for that shit. You disgust me

Casual Watcher says:

Like the choice of runescape in the thumbnail

xBunnu says:

Aleks is a reptilian confirmed, he keeps changing forms. :^)

Spykicker says:

You’re telling me your wanna be a rock digger?

CelibateDog says:

4:14 Fuck Yea!!!!!

Fascist Gamist says:

you took the pic over aleks face, and killed it even more. i like your videos, but you should stop doing that.

Sassy Hercules says:

Korben Dallas

Cesar Andrade says:

Where’s Trevor

Maddison 11 says:

Would a Cowchop love stream of this be a thing you guys would do?

A Tribe Called Quest says:

its a bunch of simons!!

Jacket says:

They had to be left behind last episode it was for the best of the group.

TheNineDivides says:

Maybe upgrade your stuff lol actually play the game you wont be smashed lol be a team

BaggerFood101 says:

When James said digger it reminded me of tree topia when they called each other sand diggers

Retarded Nerd says:

Runescape pickaxe hmmmmmmm

TheNineDivides says:

why dont you upgrade your stuff like aleks said lol kinda dumb but game looks fun tbh

MrDudestein says:

Whomstever edited all the aleks parts is the realest mvp.

Gogeta Kurasaki says:

1:15 good ol yogscast back when minecraft was peaking <333

Fergal Woolnough says:

Aleks is a stupid digger

Mikeylee4 says:

editing aleks face every 2 seconds is not funny

aru HD says:

More of this and the copilot ep

DemZams says:

yogscast reference just when i thought i couldnt love you anymore

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