Dual Universe – Gameplay – Crafting, Space Station, Terrain Manipulation

Dual Universe devs are doing some really interesting stuff over at Novaquark. Building an MMO Crafting Space Sandbox. We are finally getting a look at how customization of the world really works.

I’m Impressed.

Dual Universe has recently released PreAlpha Gameplay footage on the DU channel and sadly its received under 800 views. This has to be fixed. So in an attempt to help drive some traffic over to the Dual Universe YouTube Channel I’m releasing this short 10min walkthrough by the lead dev JC.

Dual Universe YouTube Channel

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Mark Pax says:

I’m going to build the biggest space penis you’ve ever seen.

TheDigdig66 says:

The great thing about No Man’s Sky coming out is now developers of the genre can see what not to do with their games.

WarKiwi's Export says:

Im Hyped for this.

Caotisimus says:

Je me demande es tu français ? Et si oui pourquoi en Français ?

FWMalice says:

Space mine craft…

Leigh Pankhurst says:

Oooo, looks good. Moar space games !

lets chat says:

wow. i wish i could refund no man sky and buy this…

Wynston Mckridi says:

Looks awesome but the burn from alpha’s in the past few years is fucking real, going to have to hold off on this one sir, but ty so much for the video.

logoco lagrio says:

станция с центральным местом управления похожа на Dust 514

Darkbolt melesk says:

remember “no mans sky”? don’t get duped by hype! DO NOT PRE ORDER GAMES!! My take on this is? “wait for game reviews after launch then ONLY then will i consider it.

Karol Chmieliński says:

why this planet stay in one place? why they didnt move like in real space. this effect will be incredible

Jeremy Cheshire says:

what are voxels? :S

Arcaneraven says:

WITH NO SURVIVORS! *stears the spacestation towards the planet* Show me the power of your game engine!

sinephase says:

great ideas but without a focus on gameplay vs. adding too many “features” will kill this game IMO

Burning Oyster says:

Wasn’t going to comment because I don’t really play games anymore but after seeing (part of) the bluedrake video I had to. I just wanted to say that the game looks great, you didn’t deserve the hate but handled it very well and I might even buy this in the future if I get excited for the genre.

Firemaster 06 says:

Great remake of No Man’s Sky

houzmix says:

Can’t wait to graffiti the shit out of space stations

Faded Tiger says:

Im concerned about how expensive of a machine people will need to play this.

sari4tune says:

wow amazing.. put this game on my radar now.. RIP space engineers

Paul Ward says:

Where do I put my credit card for this!!!

BEAST BOY1up says:

I like the video plus I should of commented about a week ago

Gavin Morgan says:

Some great space/crafting games incoming. my personal favourite is empyrion galactic survival.

ryan bob says:

please dont be over hyped like no mans sky please, no mans sky was a million miles wide, but only an inch deep, i hope this game is not only a few inches deep

Gurucha says:

As completely sick and tired as I am of the whole survival/crafting genre, I’ll keep my eye out for when this one releases.

Can Margarini says:

that’s sooo freaken cool!!! so.. you play as an earth bender? :O

killgaz motron says:

just found out about this right now ANDI MUSTPOSSESS THIS!!!

Marc Brooks says:

Please have all the monies!!!

Mordant221 says:

Can I run this on my 1070?


this game is going to be the eve Killer…

Justin Heller says:

My biggest complaint is that there is not cool effect when leaving or entering the atmosphere, looks too smooth, no heating or anything



sixtyFive Watts says:

shut up right now & take my bank account.

Oriigine says:

Are you French ? ._.

Key of Destiny says:

8 km?! A victory 1 star destroyer is 1.1 km!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP THIS GAME GETS BETTER EVERY DAY!

ClayClaim says:

Very amazing! Thank a lot for your channel 🙂

KingOfLuck says:

While I agree, we have all been let down in one way or another by a promising up-and-coming title that released too early and caused the devs to fall asleep at the wheel… I do NOT believe this game will be the same case. Listening to the developer, he just sounds so much more into it because there is technology involved that HE created, and hasn’t been used in any other game before! He was a freakin robotics programming engineer turned gaming programmer. Idk why, but I get the feeling this man has dedication to it and he’s not looking for a quick buck.

Arek Król says:

magic of voxels, they are realy performance friendly

vignesh sivakumar says:

After seeing what happened with no mans sky I am no longer into pre ordering… And wont believe any indie developers until the game is released.

sinep anigav lana says:

you have a awesome Idea, I hope you will make it true because this will be a awesome game

Qishi Li says:

Will there also be unhabitable planets, to make the universe more believable?

multikiller19 says:

nice now we got 1001 of these type of games gl

dullbladegamer says:

when I see this I think wow the RP and creative build community are going to love this I know I will

Tah ath says:

Круто очень интересно =)

First Craze says:

Its only 8km long……..

n8neiTen8n says:

Looks amazing, hope players will be able to create their armies and fight against each other 😀

Slav Squatz says:

Cant be excited because i have a ps4, but hopefully games like this will be available on console that wont crash, or ill get a pc

KawaiiBoy says:

so it’s like space engineers but performs better on performance?

Rocky Buttclench says:

i looked on their website and one of the rewards for backing them is a lifetime subscription… i am very interested in the game but if i have to pay money and then pay a subscription it would be a complete turn off for me. i hope this isn’t the case but i wanted to ask just to make sure.

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