DRUNK IN SPACE – Planetoid Pioneers Gameplay

Congratulations, Elyse! Your desire for “Janeane Garofalo t*ts” is officially the most confusing Funhaus reference of 2018! At least until James inevitably brings up “Dunston Checks In” or “The Pagemaster” or some garbage.

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Amos Chew says:

Woah cool they borrowed SP7’s office!

Albert Burrus says:

I love this combo

JackPott554 says:

Great pairing. This is some of the “old FunHaus” that all the moaners on Reddit are looking for

Jake G says:

This game rules

The Onyx Viper says:

That bird-shitting thing reminds me of how this one popular girl back in the 8th grade got shat on by a seagull at lunch and she let out a shriek like a goddamn banshee.

Ian POP says:

American cheese is that carp in a spary can like whipped cream

James Bell says:

Lawrence is so much more awkward and adorable when he’s alone with a female

intergamer1 says:

We need more this was really good video

Nicholas Mann says:

Oh my god is this Lawrence games the show

Gabe Livers says:

Need more

Joseph says:

Wtf is up with Lawrence’s haircut

RogueEva 08 says:

Can we please have this tipsy duo take over Sherlock gameplay XD that would be some entertainment gold!

jeff silver says:

Is this the only video without Bruce James or Adam?

Clit Eastwood says:

great duo. more please.

Justin Abernethy says:

Between Lawrence’s discussions of seemingly random amusing and odd topics and stark opinions on the principles, situations, and machinations of life and Elyse’s goofy but sometimes abrupt humor…

I think they’re in love.

Shiba Doge says:

L-Dawg and Weezy

Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

ryan says:

I won’t lie I need copious amounts more of L-Dawg and Weezy in my life

brock mueller says:

Make this a series

Smol Penr says:

pls mor

Lenky Lad says:

Some of the mechanics in this game, like the revives and body swapping remind me a lot of The Swapper.

Erik'sChannel says:

Astroneer looks different.

zach bowden says:

More of these! L-dawg and Weezy are so good together

SFgamerPOP says:

Throwback to Funhaus comments 20

Funhaus is now Lawrence and Elyse! The prophecy came true!

Kōtuhi says:

L-Dawg & Weezy, an instant classic much like Looney Tunes

stayflyxx says:

An Elyse and Laurence video….This will be something

Fraser Middleton says:

Lawrence’s hair is looking better and better each video

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