DISCOVERING AMAZING NEW PLANETS – Space Colony Management Sim – Poly Universe Gameplay

Welcome to Poly Universe! Poly Universe a survival city builder where you colonize planets and conquer the galaxy! Let’s Play Poly Universe!

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About Poly Universe

A tiny band of settlers land on a remote planet. With you as their leader they will either build a new civilization, or be consumed by the foul creatures which inhabit the furthest reaches of space.

In Poly Universe worlds are tiny but numerous. Be strategic in laying out your cities to maximize the limited space available on each world. Balance industry and residential buildings to keep your citizens happy. But don’t neglect the defenses necessary to keep them safe! Here in the outer edge of the known universe, danger can arrive at any moment, and when it does it arrives in full force.

Establishing trade routes between worlds will allow your planets to specialize and share resources, pushing the boundaries of your civilization even further outwards. But always keep an eye on the health, happiness, and education of your citizens — with nowhere to receive reinforcements from, your citizens are ultimately your most valuable resource.

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Sailadun says:

I’m glad you play games that are actually fun unlike fortnite

Garrett Ancel says:

this game seems fun

Slaying Dragon says:


Emerald Tech says:

YES THIS GAME I LUV IT^_^ I hope more awesome updates come

Chekasallar says:

Btw, lots of games end due to overpopulation. Let homes take a back seat and invest in more farm space.

TheCalderonkiller says:

2nd but I want to be pinned

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Tyswinger Gaming says:

Im know this is not the game subject but I can’t wait for more ohol and I can’t wait till it comes out on mobile

xIONUTx says:

That is what i was waiting for.

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