Diablo in Space? Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Gameplay, Classes (aRPG)

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Gameplay and classes. Steam link to game: http://neva.ly/WH40kInquisitorRhykker

Thanks to Neocore games for sponsoring this video.

Until 4th June 10AM Pacific Time, Games Workshop is running a promotion on Steam for all Warhammer games. This coincides with a global event in Inquisitor – Martyr with a dedicated leaderboard where players can gather skulls (during the event). Those who participate will get an exclusive (permanent) skull mask for each class. Additionally, the game will be 10% off.

This aRPG set in the Warhammer 40k universe is as close as we’re going to get to Diablo in space.

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Attila Kos says:

haha Hungarian devs! they make great games, check out “the Incredible Adventures of van Helsing” series, also Deathtrap another awesome game by neocore

Hot Dogs says:

Sounds like it could be okay… my problem with most ARPGs is they are all identical… you pick one damaging ability, one movement ability, then the rest are just buffs you turn on.

Qin heuang says:

Thanks for the headsup, will for some more review/user reviews, before buying it. But very promosing

Génération 60Hz says:

I can’t wait it to be released but if seems the game had been delayed to july 5th

Cacaboy 300 says:

Thank you sir for bringing attention to this game and well to Warhammer, am actually going to get back into the game again.

Bane Pepe says:

System requirements seem steep for an ARPG. Looks like these boys are serious.

nzrock1 says:

Space Siege?

Alec McFaul says:

Diablo in space was already made. It was called harbinger

B R Ü T A L says:

Still not yet worth the over 40$ price as an Early Cash Grab.

armagedoc66 says:

Cover system!

Wendy Tompson says:

Honestly, this game isn’t worth the money at it’s current state. It looks pretty, and i fucking LOVE WH40K. But early access is a scam anyways, and frankly i am not sure if it being “officially” released will make it any better. It’s 50 usd. This is just my opinion, and i am not trying to bag on you, or the game. Just the devs. 😛

FlyingJustToFall says:

a Warhammer ARPG – OMG, cannot wait!

knalltfix says:

Played only the 1st 6 Missions so far, but damn, it’s fun.

Chris Reid says:

I might have to check this out.

Stuart Bagley says:

Great video dude. Really like the presentation.

The Cat Man says:

Thumbs down for the face camera.

Anderson-Upoo says:

Ilove the warhammer series…. have almost all the games.
But before the huge fail that was Warhammer III, and the developer saying there will be no expansion for that game… i’m kinda leaving one step behind… But i hope this game don’t “fail” like the last.

Aaron says:

whats with all the cuts? you keep messing up or what?

Doxorn says:

5:53 , 6:58 , 11:33 those fire animation gives me physical pain

Javier Rodriguez says:

Radical vs Puritan is whether you’re willing to fight fire with fire or not.

Gabriel Chong says:

Is the campaign multiplayer coop?

jubbelidiot says:

Sounds like it is a pretty decent game, especially as most 40k games are really bad. Sounds like it sticks to the lore pretty well on top of that.

We just need more Necron themed games imho 😉

Scott Mannion says:

looks shit

ZeroHxC07 says:

I love 40k but im more excited for WH chaosbane.

Joseph Falkeis says:


InVader says:

framerate looks like ass sometimes :/

MadBrainBox says:

The system is very similar to Victor Vran.

Francis Collins says:

This game feels like a fusion of Diablo 3 and Destiny 2.

Longgshot says:

Rhykker, you forgot to mention that there will be a character wipe when the game exits early access.
I’ts on the steam page, but it’s quite easy to miss it.

DepriverOfSouls says:

I wonder if all races or at least most of them will be in this game cause I can see this game becoming very challenging cause of Necrons.

Timotheus24 says:

this game was released 2008 wasnt it?

Magnets & Miracles Gaming says:

I don’t really know what to think of this game, yet. Combat looks really dull in videos but maybe it’s better once you play by yourself. FTL is such game, too. Besides that it seems to have all the features and a lot of depth. IM is on my wishlist since forever but I’m still quite not convinced enough to hit that buy button.

Hokies Fan says:

Other than the flame thrower, it looks like you have to stand still to attack. Is this true? It appears when you do that, it just becomes a trading punches kind of game. Run away for 3 seconds, turn and shoot, repeat. There doesn’t seem to be any fluidity in the combat system. Stop and start style. Do you ever get to shoot on the run?

JellicleCat09 says:

It’s called “Warhammer 40,000: Word Vomit”

MidKnightGeek says:

Picked it up yesterday on Steam, currently on 10% sale. Played a bit, getting a feel for the gameplay. Enjoyed it quite a bit! Didn’t deep dive as there WILL be a complete wipe upon release on June 5th . But it’s a lot of fun and worth a purchase for anyone interested in the setting and/or ARPG games. Good hunting out there! 🙂

StanSmith says:

Bie-bie D3. Blizzard, burn in hell.

Aquagirl says:

how do you aim on console, a lock-on button? looks cool.

Jesper Lassesen says:

Sounds really well made… Huge yet simple.. Love that thought… I wonder how a potential Diablo 4 would top this game ? I think i might buy this game… Very likely… <3

White Void says:

… Rhykker, Blizzard’s Warhammer 40k is called Starcraft :V

rfdub says:

So this is an infomercial for the game then?

UltraHawk says:

Imperial knight, also known as badass piece of power armour wich traps your soul in order for you to pilot it.

TheGlobuleReturns says:

Fluff wise this game is heresy. An inquisitor taking down hellbrutes and waves of fallen astartes? LOL

gameplay and atmosphere wise this looks awesome and definitely worth picking up.

Tenno Operator says:

While Warhammer 40k has been around since 87, Warhammer (fantasy) has been around since 83

Akifumi F says:

I think I found what I was looking for!

Potato Bag says:

sell out. this game is trash.

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