Delicious Travels In Space – Sunless Skies Gameplay 2019

Sunless Skies gameplay with Splat! let’s Play Sunless Skies and check out an adventure RPG where you’ll travel the world of Fallen London in a spaceship locomotive!

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nsw72 says:

Sounds cool and looks like an modern version of the Infocom series.

Jack Neuenburg says:

Fallen London… the only universe as-bad, if not worse than WH40k

Joseph Mottram says:

Rogue Trader Simulator?

abcogxxx says:

Plz Splatter a full Lets play! 😀 i really really enjoy your sunless sea

Michael Falkenberg says:

Years ago now I found your channel when looking for a playthough impression of Sunless Sea. It was in early access back then. I have followed your channel ever since:-)

2danandrews says:

Oh baby, back to some root content with the sunless!!!

John Mitting says:

Hope that you continue with this as a series

DrakeneoX says:

Wow… I think your Sunless Sea videos were some of the first of yours I saw… Never forget the tube rat.

Someone in the comments says:

Maybe some day you can go back to Sunless sea and make a full playthrough?

tornado whale says:

Make this a series

Marian Bielcik says:


Elviondel says:

I’m so stoked for this series!

TalixZen says:

This makes me happy! I loved your Zunless Zeas play-through and was sad when you didn’t finish it. I was so curious how the game was going to end.

Kurt Katze says:

omg sunless skies!!! I loved your sunless sea vids got less time these days but ill try to tune in!

Jamie says:

Spacetrain! =D

redx laser15 says:

WOAH WOAH WOAH! How could you not choose the monocle!?

clovermite says:

8:20 Me too! I avoided early access entirely because I wanted to just experience the final product.

Sumyakhuu Ganbayar says:

The game feels more refined

Sir Mathias says:

You eat your friends ?

Heraldy Axelevi says:

More please

Tim Kai says:

I was out all day yesterday so I missed this post, but I’ve been waiting for this and I hope there are a few episodes. 😀

timberwerewolf says:

Traiiiiins in spaaaaaace.

CWunderA says:

Loved your sunless sea series, would love to get another here!

Martin Miesi says:

I love this type of game for you to review. The RPG/storyline aspect really suit your style. I loved the dark heresy stuff and this is equally as good.

Faulted Thrower says:

Dang it Splat! Teaching me new words on my only day off…again! I LOVE IT!

Levi Dye says:

So will no one mention his character is just Captain obvious from the ads? Edit: Sunless Seas was the inspiration for my other account where I stream. One of the titles was Reginald, and since I like skulls. I found it fitting. After reading up on the title, I loved it even more.


Splatty give us a lengthly playthrough then give us another!

Cheyenne Cartwright says:

upvoting all and adding my own voice to the chorus that wants a series!

Harry Dude may says:

You need more of this series,sunless sea was one of my favorite serious you have ever done such a amazing game.

Devlin McMaster says:

I am affirming, we NEED a full playthrough. Your Sunless Seas playthroughs were legendary.

akocbibbo says:

Splatty more singing pls!

TheLogical Lowdown says:

Please play sunless splat! You were the reason I played the first one so much.

Matthew Bae says:

yes! we’re back baby!

redoutlaw117 says:

I wonder if star vampire are a thing if it is then oh boy invisible vampires

Emma O says:

A long play through would be great, pretty please!

Dante Welch says:

I should get my steam account going again but it might be easier to get a new account I missed a lot of fun indie games. Also cosmic flying trains sign me up

Quinian's Budget Crafts says:

this reminds me a lot of diluvian

Meris says:

So excited for this 🙂
I loved your previous series for sunless sea and I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of some of the crazy things in this game.

Enot Mutant says:

Ля какой

Jan M. says:

Looking forward to more episodes!

Toni Bekavac says:


Ríkharður Þórhallsson says:

I’ve never been called a “Delicious friend” before

cyanure says:

this game is really a jewel for the moment i have 40 hour of wonder on it

Saefogeo says:

SCP-1678 “UnLondon”

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