DEAD SPACE [Hard Difficulty] PC Gameplay 1080p HD (3)

Dead Space Hard Mode PC gameplay & commentary 1080p HD. Gods Bicep in another installment of this weeks episode of dead space 🙂


cody says:

hell yea more dead space im hyped

Francisco Rios Cuellar says:

Love all your videos!!!

puncake , says:

Love you

Pirate Hunter Zoro says:

can you do re 2 please 🙁

Joshua Villanueva says:

Always hyped when a your video pops up in my notifications

FasterMoon 38662 says:

Hey Gods Badass Bicep I got a question…. YA FUCKIN HUNGRRRRRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!????

Mayhem Everfree says:

9:28 “Don’t you eat me
I said don’t you fucking eat me
He’s gonna fucking eat me
I just got eaten *alive”*
The necromorphs sure are hungry, and that death stare though XD

Smith Wesson says:

I’m hungry Bicep!

Alejandro Ivan Garibay says:

Res Evi 4 pwease

Matthew North says:

YESSS! More Dead Space from Gods Bicep lol

Cameron Herting says:

No has disliked this video. Good. That’s how they all should be 🙂

Mr codiak says:

Man I hate it when people ask for likes, like if you agree.

Scorpio On Blitz says:

Big likes

JP Tolentino says:

Dead Fuckin’ Space! gimme heart!

Dakota382 says:


The Green Gamer says:

Where is resident evil 4 vids?

Spade Rogue says:

Gods Bicep is a fucking legend.

Waton Mamango says:


deathphobia912 says:

Hey, love the video man! I’m curious, would you ever play the remake of resident evil 1? and maybe 0? would be awesome I think 😀

no u says:

Love your vids they always make me laugh hope u grow big one day road to 50k

AreYouThereGodIt'sMePhil ? says:

My favorite fucking streamer and content creator.

Lee Epler says:

Please validate my existence

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