Dead Space Gameplay: Chapter 5 HD Part 1

My first time playing through chapter 5 so you get the effect of seeing me not know what to do or whats going to happen.

This is the PC version all settings maxed out 1920×1080.

If all goes well you should have a “Watch in HD” link for the video so you can see the game in great quality.

Video was recorded with FRAPS, and cut down to 720P for youtube in Sony Vegas and then encoded to XVID with AutoGK to get in the 1GB file limit for youtube.

Update: Part 2 is now Live! –


ariffred01 says:

that’s not how u do it

Armins Slisans says:

those alien enemies look like collection of pixels, that is what I hate about games like that. Game itself looks nice but the enemies are crap.

Ryu-zaki00 says:

F.E.A.R. That game was scary the first play. Least the first game was

rophe says:

Interestingly. This looks just like dead space 2 . Not much difference really.. But, Still. Both were amazing fun

Titan Slade says:


Ilija Volnarov says:

This game is a horor

MrWarDrome says:

i have same problem but it keeps doing it no matter what .exe i use 🙁
verry bad job origin

The Caped BatCrusader says:

Why stop in the good part

eleazar606 says:

Dead Space is scarier than that…

IGB Backup says:

How do you turn that fast while walking, the camera goes EXTREMELY slow and I don’t know, I even put mouse sensitivity on menu to its fullest

Jonik25Russia says:

хорошая игрушка.

MsDelfas says:

creepy… but im still going to play it

RollAnotherJ says:

Amnesia has way more replay value, and an actual story mode. Slender is/was just a map where you get followed by a peado. I think they’re both equally terrifying, but Amnesia takes it on length.

Jordan L. says:

I just purchased the Dead Space pack on Steam, only $21 for both the games. Guys there only 3 more hours left till the sale ends!

Iveen says:

porra de english eu só e do BRASIL ! ! ! ! ! kkkkkkkkkkk

Drymango says:

if you were too pussy to play dead space 1 then never EVER play Amnesia The Dark Descent… you will have a heart attack x__x

MrLpm555 says:

yea totally agree, played it on my own in a dark room with some good quality headphones on, and it made me jump a few times 🙂

KazPLAY says:

am I the only one who get’s headackes from this game?…This is the only game i encounter headackes.

shower boys says:

first there was crysis  and then this we need more games like that ,

Billy Smith says:

i pooped fishsticks

Rusty_ says:

it’s sucks and isn’t scary, because it is not fps game

Walter Quevedo says:


matchbox555 says:

first person would be better

RollAnotherJ says:

Silent Hill would eat you alive!

olmazzzzzzzzzzVR says:


Mhn Five says:

Slender is not scarier then Amnesia and I don’t even like amnesia.

Not Spiderman says:

I saw that game and… yeah, Slender is scarier.

L. Lewis says:

agree I even play all the Fear’s and those was not even scary at all it was no where near like the old Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

Crowflux says:

100% agreed. This is how I play Amnesia;
*Boots up game*
*Hides in closet*
*Chickens out and closes game*

Aszazsin8tor1 says:

Slender is shit mate

KarlosTheMighty says:

Love the whole trilogy … already one of the game legends. Issac rocks!


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Graficar 92 says:

Can you tell me your resolution please,when i play this it’s like im playing a FPS

TheTonyhot5 says:

This is not only pc shooter, it have an console version too.

jesusr925 says:

2008 and still looks so awesome like the most of current Games.

Bogdan Paicu says:

Dead space 2: The game that made me shit my pants just by turning on a TV.

long nguyễn says:

Game hay tuyệt

masamosotin says:

Hell no! You will get traumas..

German Lehmann says:

I seriously didn’t found it scary at all…Slendy’s games are the most scary ones.

originalMOON3R says:

If anyone complains the camera sucks on this game get used to it, it wouldnt even be half as scary if it was a fps, play some classic resdent evil and silent hill games the camera sucks but thats what gives you that holy shit im gonna die feeling.

Pedo Dragon says:

Its too hard for him..
(turn on flashlight)
Slender The Arrival

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