Dead Space – Chapter 1: Know God, No Fear. No God, Know Fear.

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No God, Know Fear. Know God, No Fear.

This is a Walkthrough for Dead Space with Gameplay and Commentary by theRadBrad.

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Juan says:

2017? anyone

Zen Master says:

Best survival horror game I’ve ever played. I’m expecting some hate to come my way. But this game is on another level when playing with the lights off on a big screen with the surround sound turned up.

xturbulencex says:

I love how his first words are “OH SHIT”

Nope Bye says:

Who else thinks he (Brad) should be a voice actor

MrGamingVN™ says:

Who watching this in 2017

Mr.BugsBunny says:

Much nostalgic,very wow,such game.

??? says:

2017 or 2098??

Nick Ellis says:

2017 lol

Austin Hays says:

this was the video that i first found TheRadBrad still watching his videos many years later

Bruce Phillips says:

I haven’t read rest of comments but you do know if you use the time slow down on enemies can save ammo as they will be frozen and can kill them by swinging on them in their frozen state.

Charlii Charlii says:

Brad was so excited in this video, lol I love it

Flexx Johnson says:

2017 and still cant get enough of some Rad Dead Space Game-play booooy!!!

Aya Cox says:

what im in 2017 not 2015

Cassandra Grant says:

is this an Xbox 360 if it is can we connect?

IamTootired says:

”wash you hand before returning to DEATH” 😀 lol

Adam Salapatas says:

Lol this game is old but im going to get it in 2017!!!!!!Cause I just found out about the game and it looks great

richard forcada says:


Inforsiss Electronical says:

A Hero Isaac Clark will return and back to Dead Space 4. Do isacc died already at Dead space 3 or a new character will fill in Dead space 4

Rodrigo cordeiro says:


Erwann L'inconnu says:

The graphics are awesome even 10 years later.

Brandon Garcia says:

I’m Watching In 1942 On The Battlefield s Of WW2

Skull Face says:

Brads biggest fear broken save logs

Veteran Soul says:

this shit started it all…….

Tyler Rollins says:

love how they tell you three times to cut off the limbs. Happy 2017.

Oliver Ferdinand says:

2017 yo….

I Bara says:

“aah!!..aah!! .. aaah!!.”. i loled so much when he cried in girl pitched sounds everytime monsters spawned

Danyela Rice says:

how am i just now watching this in 2017

Tom Boss says:

I love your videos keep up the good work

Asyraf Shuhaimi says:

2017 and still loving it <3

matthew prince says:

Nice vid Brad

Taz FCUM says:

Best game ever and its now Feb 2017!!

Dr Croc says:

Who else is watching in 2017?!

Stephen O'Connor says:

Watching this whilst waiting for Brad to uplaod RE7 God Damn Brad!!!

Woltaire BH says:

“as i am doing this video i just hit a little over 100 000 subscribers…”
now its little over 7M xd

Sebastian Gonzalez says:

Brad you sound like a nerdy deadpool

Lukeorstarwarsboy- Roblox and more! says:

7:13 first death in DEAD SPACE

Riley Trần says:

USG Ishimura

oh shit waddup says:

Who’s watching in 2017 ?

Eduardo Rodrigues says:

muito legal esse jogo eu baixei sem precisar gastar nada

Dylan Schnetzer says:

whos else is watching this in 2017

Inforsiss Electronical says:

A Hero Isaac Clark will return and back to Dead Space 4

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