Dead Space | 4K 60fps | Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

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SHN Rating for Dead Space ★★★★★
Played on PC @ 4K 60fps Max Settings who needs a remaster now? The Remaster is the PC Version !

In 4K Dead Space No one will Help You !
A massive deep-space mining ship goes dark after unearthing a strange artifact on a distant planet. Engineer Isaac Clarke embarks on the repair mission, only to uncover a nightmarish blood bath — the ship’s crew horribly slaughtered and infected by alien scourge. Now Isaac is cut off, trapped, and engaged in a desperate fight for survival.

Played on : PC 4K 60FPS Max Settings GTX 1080Ti
Difficulty: Normal
Developer: EA Redwood Shores
Released: 20 Oct, 2008
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Marodeur1981 says:

Whats wrong with the sound?!

Nord Siberia says:

Super stupid sado -“game”- shit !!!
Five hours and 30 minutes – absolute schizophrenia! The developers of this “game” are downs! No – the mind in the brain, no fantasy! A shame!!!

Naruto Uzumaki says:

Love this game thank you 🙂

matthew hammers says:

love this game, but what’s with the audio having an echo?

TheMetalGearGamer says:

when I played at the end my thoughts were”did my girlfriend just kill me”

peabuddie says:

Looks fantastic.

BrysNightWorld says:

Good gosh, that text size XD You’d think they’d scale that up. I’m watching pretty close on a 55″ tv, and its still so tiny to read. Now think of looking at it on a 30″ monitor!

Daniel Jimenez Martinez says:


Henshin Go says:

What a tiny white small subtitles which hurt my eyes. But that’s fine. I will manage, somehow.

Master Race Games says:

Quantos gigas esse vídeo ??? like !!!!

Koraxi says:

Hammond looks like he was modelled after the actor that played the Assyrian messenger in the film 300

Everson Bernardes says:

This game is due for a remaster/remake.

Panos Sketos says:

one of the best horror titles produced.

Benito Juanjuarez says:

I guess I am one of the only people on the Internet that enjoyed Dead Space 3. The first two are better, but i actually really liked 3 as well. Being able to customize the weapons was great, and there were some fairly scary locations and parts of 3. All that being said, glad people can still enjoy the original in 4k now.

Captain Turner says:

I have finished this game over 20 times. I still remember the first play and how blown away i was.

wakyl Hakymzaada says:

looks like a robot is playing this game

The Learner says:

Captain says: we got work to do… and I go like yeh sure, if you only knew… lol Fucking awesome game!!!!!

gregouille ! says:

i bought just the game and finished it in 24h !! very addictive and immersive 🙂

SweetSemen says:

i think a remake would b great for this,like they did for crash bandicoot on ps4,like a whole new graphic.i think this game deserves it A LOT

paula chapman says:

i hope they bring the 1st 2 games for ps4 and xbox 1

Gabe Lambert says:

The best horror game series of all time!!!

ValisJankis says:

Don`t ever anyone suggest me to watch video in 4K, my laptop almost crashed when i turned 4K video. I have Lenovo g770 laptop which my swichable graphics died recently my laptop became very slow.

Halo San says:

thank you so much for upload i die for this game

Luke Belanger says:

Wow, 4K is like an eye orgasm, looks so good.

Nathaniel Johnson says:

Should’ve played on hardest difficulty, much more challenging for a pro like yourself but another legendary vid to add to my favorite collection!

zeytitude says:

13:16 hearing that groan for the first time really spooked me…
Being alone on this big-ass ship, everything on the ship is messed up, scares the sh*t out of you. I hope Dead Space 2 and 3 had these…
I never read the Dead Space comics or books, so those groans were very ominous and always spooked me, then there were these people who’ve gone insane, I thought something big was approaching, I wondered if it flew to the ship and was just waiting inside for Isaac, and if it was causing the dementiia or hysteria and paranoia on the survivors. You know, some sort of alien mind control.

Khurram Shahzad says:

you can watch it on 4K 120fps, by playing it 2x speed. 😛

sajberkurajber0167 says:

This must be remastered for PS4

Marodeur1981 says:

Reactor online, weapons online, all systems nominal, wrong game -.-

Broken Reverie says:

Ha! Love how you throw the severed head at necromorph at 43:31

Sam Fisher says:

what’s with the sound? Does the actual game sound this noisy / shaky too?

Juano Cezar says:

u must play this game in hard and impossible mode,is more awesome

Wordy Gamer says:

Still my fav horror game ending ^_^

Gregory Grix says:


The Learner says:

5 bucks on Steam now.

DGP Mundo says:

5 hours 4k 60fps! how big was the vídeo size?

TurkVanGogH GameZ says:

Great Channel

James Logan says:

Mind as well turn off sub-tittles lol

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