Dead Space 3 Part 16 | Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough

Chapter 14. Isaac must collect Rosetta samples to begin making a new codex.

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Journey across space to the icy planet of Tau Volantis with Isaac Clarke and Sgt. John Carver to discover and destroy the source of the Necromorph outbreak.
Comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenge parts to create the ultimate customized weapons and survival tools – you’ll need them if Isaac and Carver hope to make it off the planet alive. And Necromorphs are just one of many enemies they’ll face this time around. Overcome avalanches, treacherous ice climbs, violent wilderness, and an army of deadlier, more evolved enemies on your mission to save mankind from the impending apocalypse.

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Chowzan says:

All I can think of now is a chain lightning version of the song “Greece Lightning”

Also lost it when you killed the zealot and threw his head up a cliff.

MsAquamonkey says:

Six minutes? Brilliant shot!

Jason Wright says:

I would love to see you put that electrical mod on Mjolnir. The chain effect with the electrical mod would be awesome.

respibob says:

I just finished watching Part 4 of Colina and I keep looking for words on the wall when you point your gun in Dead Space now lol

YepX says:

Shame you didn’t play on Co-Op some interesting stuff happens.

QuestionDeca says:

I really wish Issac could quote Luke Skywalker to Dannik, “It’s Amazing, Everything you just said is absolutely wrong.”

Yehuda Trapido says:

Missed something next to the green boxes

Cheerok says:

In case of design, i just love how many of the rock formations just look like little burried markers. Kinda neat :3

Mr. Blizzard says:

I’d recommend getting rid of the ammo sweeper for your plasma cutter. I mean, you pick up everything anyway, so it’ll be in your best interest to use something that makes the weapon better.

morris89swe says:

Too bad visceral games got shut down by EA scum.

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