Dead Space 3 1080p/60fps Full HD Walkthrough Longplay Gameplay No Commentary

SHN Rating for Dead Space 3: ★★★★★ Audio delays acknowledged, will rerecord dead space series starting from 2 as soon i have time. with beign 10 hours away everyday for work i do not have much time for recordings so again sorry.

Dead Space 3 is set in 2514. After the events of Dead Space, EarthGov captured Isaac Clarke and harvested his mind for Marker blueprints in order to revive the Marker program, in which Markers are used to provide resources and power for the Human race. The Marker built by a delirious Isaac on Titan Station somehow “activated”, resulting in another outbreak of Necromorphs. Isaac then escaped with mining engineer Ellie Langford after he destroyed the Marker, resulting in Titan Station’s destruction.

Isaac and Ellie continued to hide from EarthGov and resided on the New Horizons Lunar Colony, a city found on Earth’s moon. In that time, Ellie’s lost eye was replaced and the two developed a romantic relationship. However, due to the events Isaac had witnessed and Ellie’s ambition to stop the Markers, the two broke it off. Ellie left to figure out ways to stop the Markers while Isaac stayed in hiding and quickly regretted breaking it off with Ellie.


Carl Ram says:

nice more a feel of mass effect

BigRoy says:

the sound delay smh

1xerain gaming23 says:

it’s a good video but try to fix the audio delay

hellsunicorn says:

I will never, for the life of me, understand why this game was so maligned by fans of the Dead Space franchise. It’s the logical next chapter in the story, it’s equally as horrific and creepy as the other two games, and the graphics are amazing. I loved the greater amount of boss encounters and all of the space travel involved. True, you spend a fair amount of time fighting humans, giving it an occasional “Call of Duty” feel, but it’s still an amazing game. I really hope they make a 4th one soon and explain the fate of Issac Clarke and the rest of the surviving characters.

Tom Krug says:

Audio delay in some of the video? Dude sorry but I’m 1.5 hrs into this, and there’s been audio delay for almost all of it. Hope this stops soon.

Nilda J Rodriguez says:

first of you’re not in synx

aaron eddywon hasagawa says:

most excellent, folks. many thanx to you all for time to give the rest of us a truly immersive experience.

Mehmet Unal says:

Audio sync issues after 38:00

Nelo Angel says:

if only you have a partner to do co-op with since that way you’ll see the full story not just Clarke’s perspective. but also Carter’s point of view. great play through nonetheless

Nate Johnson says:

finally someone who expertly plays this game, you are fuckin epic man

Ashler Griggs says:

i was watching this in school earlier, and almost got in trouble earlier because I forgot to put my headphones in XD

carlostensei says:

After looking the first hour, i started to notice this game is following the same idea of Ghosts of Mars.

Moon Bunny says:

The audio issues and then the jumping after 2:35:00 makes this unwatchable, sadly.

Autistic Potato says:

Audio delay

Liam Bye says:

great upload but the delay in sounds makes it difficult to watch

1xerain gaming23 says:

now that’s how you play a game you played better than me nicley done man

Juliana Vaz Conceição says:

Hey SHN..i noticied something curious on DS 3..Ellie on DS 2 lost 1 eye and on the DS 3 he have the EYE…she maked a surgery eye???….curious

fallenangel2100 says:

too bad visceral is now on the bullshit battlefield series i want dead space 4 and dantes purgatory

Jerod Harvey says:

he said it was off sing audio for a small part but its the enire thing

Micheal Brookes says:

What system is this played on ?  PC or some console ?

Jack Knife says:

Everyone mentioned the audio delays but not about what starts after 2:36:40 – jumping and jumping forward and ruin the whole battle with those soldiers! It’s very annoying! But that’s a great gameplay with no commentary. So happy to watch the whole game without even one death of Isaac! When I played before… I died so many times but the interesting part is that none of the enemies killed me. This giant spider didn’t kill me, the necromorphs didn’t kill me! What killed me so many times was on those scenes that you have to tap the button to escape of something. Train, ship, collision with debris in space with 25425452726 miles per hour… stuff like that 😀 You know… those things that kills you with just one hit!

Schwarzer Kanal Spandau says:

You give ds 3 a 5/5 as a survival horror game?? I am surprised

Jānis Prūgers says:

well the Bench semz much more Complex 🙁 & The Audio is of wery wery of…..Sory its gona b Dislike from me becos of audio 🙁 But Slice of kake for u for efort

Kellan Merritt says:

why did isaac have to die :”(

Benjamin says:

The audio delay was okay…It’s the jumping at 2:36:40 on-wards that…got to me.

black industry says:

y yall mfs jelous he prob already beat the whole game

Tevya Smolka says:

I love dead space series

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