Dead Space 2 Full Gameplay Walkthrough [Longplay] – No Commentary

Dead Space 2 Full Gameplay Walkthrough. This is Dead Space 2 Walkthrough that goes through the entire game with all cutscenes and endings into one Dead Space walkthrough video.

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Jānis Prūgers says:

noo hell in chanc i wud bring my ass back to Ishimura lol f..up for life allredy he he

Misty Graves says:

Man just seeing the dissatisfaction of that dumb unitologist whore and dying from her own karma and brainwashing really turns me on

Personal if that was me i would have ran to her with the jet in coming and grab her and let the bullets tear through her body like a meat grinder and then slugged her in the face^^

Jacob Ratliff says:

no more readinh

xtremelemon says:

2:02:06 that was the worst place to wait for enemies. Im just sayin tho, the gameplay is great you know so thx man whatever

Roger Hogh says:

Thank God the yt App has a 10 Sec skip so I can skip the Safe and store parts. And thanks for the nö commentary walkthrough

ella elise says:

Poor Michael Altman, killed by Unitology and then turned into their martyr. He tried to tell the truth about the first marker and was punished for it 🙁

Adriel Hunter says:

do a Q&A

Bokrep Bokrep says:


Ancient Melanin says:

This is what I want. no fucking dumb talk non stop like other youtubers

Esteban Aguilar says:

The suit that the guy has that Isaac is wearing really bothers me. Out of all the good suits there are, he puts on the lamest one.

Ron Ossai says:

The game is awesome
nice game play

Kblaze 27 says:

this has to be the longest vid ever

Jake Hunter says:

Hoping for a Dead Space 4!

Steph S says:

This is Awesome. I like to watch this kindof stuff when I have nothing better else to do.

Darnell Tucker says:

When it comes to the Necromorph children, I usually smack them around, lol

bigkey master242 says:

keep seein dead girlfriend everywhere, eh, see a burning train with screamin people, eh, see an alien turns a corps into a necromorph, eh, hear you rageing mother yelling out your middle name, HOLY SHIT, RUN!!!!!!!

xtremelemon says:

3:32:07 *switches to the big ass red hand* : “bamgbangbangbangbang”

Jack Payne says:

Games are fantastic as long there is a great story to them.

Brendan Keiller says:

loving the long no commentrys , makes my night security shift less lonely well done mate

no im not high its euphoria says:

*waits patiently for the gameplay to start two mins pass… smiles as the menu moves..frowns as it ceases *

Rakkety Tam says:

The thumbnail looks like hes holding a huge sword.

Mr.Steel Channel says:

Hi ! Awesome video!!!)) I’m from Belarus!) Please Check it out my channel)))) And SUBSCRIBE!))))

Darnell Tucker says:

How do you get the hand cannon?

Dawn Marie says:

OMG thank you so much omg! I HATE COMMENTARY WITH A PASSION!!! It’s just like HEYYYYYY GUYS IT’S MEEEEEEE AAHHHHHHHHH HAHAHA OMG I AM SO SILLY OLOLOLOL just shut the fuck up for God’s sake ಠ_ಠ

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