Dark Vanguard | Orbital Shuttle | Deep Space Lander – Before You Buy – Fortnite

Dark Vanguard is finally here in Fortnite Battle Royale! There are two new gliders called Deep Space Lander and Orbital Shuttle which are both pretty awesome! Follow the stream below!

Merch: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/Pizo/new/


kkadonis12 says:

I bought this skin but I kind of regret it. Should’ve just saved my 2000 vbucks and just waited for cuddle cuddle team leader..

Damian Treviño says:

Ay! I live in NewMexico to!

Darkapplesss says:

Lol people r copying you now

Albert Matthews says:

Why did they not put this in the battle pass???….uhhh

Faith Seed says:

Will this outfit only be available for season 3?

w00tkid says:

The boosters shut off if you go backwards

Sharky says:

I got the vanguard.. And i love it

BovYNiK says:

You can see the dark vanguards face on 8:03 when he switches characters


Yo bro you should play this new game called Ring Of Eysium,
– *check it out here*

Potpie h says:

To late.

Lil josh the savage gamer says:


Sebastian Malak says:

I honestly hate this outfit but the glider I’m all for it (deep space lander) especially

Future big youtuber says:

Too late

FrostedGaming says:

How does he have glowing items

It'sMo says:


Balamohana Parikh says:

The only way that work’s it’s this one here→ suf.fun/getvbucks

Stxrcxt says:


PIZO says:

Follow the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/pizo

[WUT] Some Grizz Biz says:


Dissected Grape Studios says:

(My opinion obviously)

UnlawfulSoonz says:

I have the deep space lander and it is SO WORTH IT! Totally should by it

[WUT] Some Grizz Biz says:

Just the gliders…

TheNamesRyan says:

Hey funny guy

Jacob 34tiojnufgodsjnuohirsdf says:

fuck u

Cerron Smith says:

4:57 if you look closely you’ll see the costume character is holding some kind of new gun we’ve never seen in fortnite well not yet

The1KINGpig YT says:

Dark vanguard and deep space lander are the best skins in Fortnite

Ace says:

I prefer dark voyager more but It’s so noticeable you get sniped easily especially with that big head probably the same with dark vanguard unfortunately


What kind of recording device do you use?

Un-breon says:

How do you make the loot glow like that ?

OneOranges says:

How much u getting paid to promote this?

im a noob says:

I could of bought dark vanguard but I bought bright bomber instead

JaKe Carlson says:

i went to shifty to get my last two kills for challenges and i found a dark vanguard and dark voyager dancing and killed both of them with a white pistol

Brahampal Randhawa says:

if u need v=Bucks there’s a working method here- vbucksmethod.readthis.ca

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Kam Damick says:

I love the videos man and the enthusiasm. Keep up the great work and keep making good vids.

Harito says:

Like your vids but this YAAAAAAAEEEES when you buy stuff ,it’s too cringe

Eliminate says:

I was the 49th person to ever buy it i bought it the second it came out

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