Clank! In! Space! Gameplay Talkthrough

A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Clank! In! Space.

For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Talkthrough

Part II: Solo Gameplay


Ruby alexey says:

It was really clear the next doctor will be a woman.

Ray Phay says:

Now this I like. I have so many Fantasy games and I really like Clank! However I love the modular board in this game.
Thanks for the run through.

Fred Allen says:

I’m not surprised by the announcement, but yeah I was hoping for a new IP as well.

DTM says:

Very happy I sold my original Clank just 2 days ago…

Atlas Films says:

Renegade Customer Service: “We’ve been getting a lot of complaints about our Clank! expansion boards breaking in half.”
Renegade President: “… What if that wasn’t a flaw but a feature?”

Boardgame Fan Girl says:

Clank! is on my list but I don’t have it yet. This theme is WAY more interesting to me than a dungeon crawl. Sold! Going to get this one instead of the original.

Fighterfan69 says:

Looks interesting. I was interested in Clank but I thought I already had enough deck builders in my collection. Hero Realms, Marvel Legendary and my favorite Aeon’s End. Anxiously awaiting War of Eternal.


It does seem space is a theme lately. Was zombies now moved on to space.

Ryan Olden says:

Its a shame it looks so ugly.

stalker777777777 says:

2 bad they didin’t made an expansion for the original game with the modular map:(

Andy Svec says:

This just looks awesome!

Simon says:

Hey Richard, Is Clank In Space! your (secret unannounced title) 4th place GenCon 50 wish list game?

John Clary says:

Thanks Rahdo. A media embargo on this announcement was silly.

tazzmanine says:

I had hoped for a stand-alone that could be mixed with the First game. The fact that the theme is totaly diffrent, is sad and a no go for me. There are some elements i hope the put in the First game, and some i hope that stays in this stand-alone.. Hope further expansions are for the original game.

Dave Dogge says:

For a second I thought you’d been invited to the international space station with Richard Garriot to play Clank!. I think I’ll get this one.

Andrew Petyo says:

The artwork is a major meh compared to the original game.

Steve Fratus says:

It looks fantastic. When can I get it?

Kristo Vaher says:

So much hype for essentially nothing. I love Clank!, but this is not the direction I hoped for the series.

Jeff Anderson says:

The sci fi references are fantastic!! Thanks for this review

jayson olson says:

Nice pull on the Space: 1999 Martin Landau reference….I thought I was the only one who still thinks of this.

Ranerdar says:

Wow, this is the big secret? How very…meh. Oh well, to each his own.

ignitedxblaze says:

hmmm seems like a straight upgrade other than extra setup time.

The bad Notes says:

Aha! This has gotta be your mystery game. It does look good.

Dan Hull says:

Rahdo – do you think that the more varied movement options makes it harder to gauge what the other players are doing? Does it add complexity, meaning maybe more AP, as players try to figure out their options as well as predict the other player’s options?

G Skub says:

If you clank in space does anyone actually hear it??

Jerome Nowak says:

Totally underwhelming for the “big news” today.

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