Catastronauts – #1 – OVERCOOKED IN SPACE?! (4-Player Gameplay)

Stumpt plays Catastronauts! We have to command a spaceship! But things keep breaking and blowing up! Can we fix it and destroy the evil aliens in time?!
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Dana Cummins says:

Awesome gameplay guys but maybe try pixark??

Ultra4 says:

the robot voice is glados, that is great …for science

Caitlin vlogs says:

Now this is what i like to watch

Isha B. says:

16:42 Lol, even the game call out Ash now.

Joanne Bataga says:

18:41 nice

Cieran Therrien says:

nom nom galaxy 2?

cerise 2000 says:

Wow i like so much this game can u make it a serie

Gabriel prado duarte says:


Dragondiana8 says:

I like the voices of Rik and Price for the characters, especially Price one’s it was really good XD

Bork The Swedish Chef says:

the female whale is anoying af.. tryes so hard to be edgy

Ben wheeler says:

Play Space Engineers

Mohd Fayyadh says:

Cpt RIK!!!!

Sky Bound says:


Magic Beefy says:

so Captain Mustache’s real name is Sarge so shouldn’t he be Sergeant Mustache instead of Captain Mustache?

Anuar Fonseca says:

Is it coming out for Latin America, guys? I cannot find it anywhere? 🙁

Starblazer Robert says:

Can you guys PLEASE stop playing RIP-OFF GAMES

Samuel Carrington says:

Have you got a code dying to play this game (:

Liv Jones says:

Buttons sounds like the Turrets from Portal, it’s adorable!! <3
I only found out about this game today, I'm so happy to see you guys are playing it! I thought the spelling of Catastronauts was because they were Cat Astronauts! I hope there is a Cat character who gets unlocked!

ItsPrimeTime says:


Jose Duque says:


Fallout Foxy says:

You join the team which say cooking with friends and they train you to build the ship and fight not cook

JeremyPlayz-Games & More says:

Make this as a series

M F A says:

You guys need to play pummel party, that game is fun!!

Jammy Dude says:


TC Is Awesome says:

This game kinda reminds me of FTL a little bit

epion mesa says:


Gage Swink says:

How is rik still alive! He’s wear a red shirt.

demacto13 says:

This is sucha good “meal replacement” for Overcooked! I’m more of a space guy than a foodie anyway so this is perfect!

Trinette clark-lewis says:

Omg catastrophe

My_name _is_star_ Sucks says:

oomg good according to what i see im earlyyyyy????????????????

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