Breathedge – A Funny Space Survival Game – Goodbye Grandpa :( – Breathedge Gameplay Part 1

Today we’re checking out Breathedge. Breathedge is an ironic outer space survival adventure game. Take on the role of a simple guy who just carried his grandpa’s ashes to a galactic funeral and found himself in the middle of a universal conspiracy. A massive space hearse suffers a wreck in the deep space, leaving the area filled with debris, coffins, dead passengers and yourself. Survive in this interstellar dump, uncover a global conspiracy, save the princess and don’t break your fingers while tapping the keyboard as you travel around the world. Let me know what you think of Breathedge. I hope you enjoyed, thanks for watching and liking.

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matteo barsanti says:

This game would be super cool in VR

Tony Valdez says:

4:34 Use something without holes..Ahahaha!
Watch that survival video:)

The_Dankest_Man says:

The game reminds me of comedy from portal a little bit

Peter Kalafus says:

it is definitely possible to complete this part of the game and get to the rescue point, you just need to explore all the nearby locations and build new things as you unlock them

WeEeDeE says:

Drea dont worry you will recover once this fortnite cunt dies 😀 🙂 🙁

Adam Labus says:


DarkMessiah117 says:

that moment he paused the music in the shuttle ._.

Beastgamingplays Anything says:

Yes I want more this was an awesome vid love you content

I Play Games says:

drea you are funny read description of items and look into messages

TuRn3R says:

This is awesome, really like the game, please upload more of it 🙂

Bronxy says:

Drae keep this going please and the Green hell too.

Juan Naude says:

The moment when you see the blueprint and what the guy made… Well played hahaha great game hope to see alot more vids on this

Boiled Toes says:

Never seen anything like this before

Naveen Thompson says:

Draegast did you know that there is a air plane in green hell some were

Isak Persson says:

Bought and played this game not so long ago! So fun, best game I have ever played!

Ricky_Stash_215 says:


Fallen Mejai says:

Keep playing this game love it keep being yourself and enjoying your job

Mr. Skellyton says:


Jake60000 says:

funny space subnautica

BrotherhoodBMX says:

The only YouTuber that hasn’t changed since he was at 50k now he’s at a million and still rockin the game, respect bud

Chen may10 says:

Omg Tchanka song is playing after he left the pod thingy

mauler16 says:

100% want more of this!

FAT Chicken says:

It’s like prey

Stupid Is My Job says:

I like this one. It’s like Subnautica combined with Prey 2016, but not absolute shit.

Ezra Little says:

Please make this a series

Themaddog Central says:

Btw shears are sizzors may or may not have spelled that wrong but i dont care

Nate Diggity says:

K, drop the green hell series, this game is way better xD

Do you know Da we? says:

I need more please!

K.E.M STRIKE says:

throw the penis in space out of sight

stfu iknowbetter says:

This game is awsome
Maybe you can upgrade your suit by grabbing dead people back to the sguttle

Schnitzel man says:

doesnt metter what you recording it will be always fun 🙂

ツJustSmile says:

This reminded me of Event[0]

Avery Bates says:

I love this

nathan walton says:

more also slipgator playing this and splattycatgameing lol

Reddix says:

Preys new dlc looks cool

THE BEST Lombax says:

Its not penis its a chicken XD

epicxel says:


Сергей Логинов says:

we need more

StudleyDuderight says:

Should have just watched the fucking video. You could have learned something extremely useful

Adrian M.N.A says:

You know you can get random resource by just pee in the toilet and that’s make life easier

Emil Wiese Bennett 9SC Frederiksbjerg Skole says:

love your channel. please make more aquarium episodes 🙂

Ahmad Al-Sayed says:

R jghj, m bmbc W L

Muhammad Fathul Baari says:


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