Bojack GAMEPLAY! Filthy Space Pirate! | DLC 3 | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 w/ AfroSenju

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC 3 gameplay with AfroSenju! Bojack gameplay! Will this new character be worth it?!


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Piccolo Jr. says:

Super Soul:

“Now, give your father a message for me”

That’ll be a bit hard for Afro-

jahiem gentry says:

love your vids

Char Aznable says:

I forgot I owned this game.

Dominous_ says:

Finally! Someone fucking did it

Khaled Saleh says:

Which pc do you have I wanna download xenoverse 2 mods??

ChillMYNinja says:

jdan u so ass, learn how to back hit nigga

Abe Ahmed says:


X-man Xenoverse bad boy says:

how does he have the doc 3 characters already?

rage boy says:

we can all be space pirates if you get jandanstic to 500k

Liam Oliver says:

What song does he use for his outro?

Antrolos says:

Bojack and his entire crew are members of a race called Hera

So yeah, they’re ningen

Green Quality says:

Space Big and Tall

Leone flamedra says:

the word ningen doesn’t just mean human it also means mortal so bojack does count as a ningen.

Tronmitrix 22 says:

guessing there’s no free update since no ones talking about it

Damien Young says:

Bojack without his transformation was kind of lame. But when I rewatched the movie.

This man in his base Form: One Shotted SS Grade 2 Trunks. And easily beat Nail/Kami Piccolo fusion. Who was strong enough,to fight Android 17 equally. And then later trained hard enough to fight against and even get the slight upper hand on Cell Jrs. And then BEAT THE CRAP! Out of SSGrade 2 Vegeta, till the point Bojacks clothes started Ripping off. So Yeah Bojack without his Transformation was cool as fuck.

Christian Mwaisaka says:

play battle of super saints on phone plz

James Davis says:


milesvi says:

it sounds like you are moaning the entire video

Grandpa C says:

They probably should’ve released Bojack and his crew with Android 13 and 15, 14 together so that he wouldn’t be so out of place

OG Majestic says:

Danny you need to learn how to burst dash and break stamina!!!!!!

Adam Kruszynski says:

Bojack had a transformation, actually. All that really happened was that his hair turned red, he became more green, and lost the shirt though

Dragon Bey ™ says:

Show us how Goku Black outfit (DARK GI) looks like on CaC? PLEASE

Ya Boi Trey says:

Space pirates get arrrrt supplies at the arrrrt store

SSJ 1K says:

Black coming for that booty

Elijah-John Nazar says:

I think they will give us full power bojack in DLC 4 along with ssb vegito and merged zamasu

Majin Cena says:

Link is bojack’s dad and zamasu is bojack’s nephew

destroyer king says:


JJ Problem says:

Lowkey they might add bojack’s full power in the next dlc

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