Besiege Best Creations – Besiege In Space! – Working Calculator and Jello Pit – Besiege Gameplay

Welcome back to the Best Besiege Creations! This is my weekly Besiege series where I showcase some of the most innovative and unique Besiege creations. This week we have a whole plethora of new and unique creations both big and small, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Besiege, thanks for watching and liking.

More Besiege Gameplay:

The Besiege Creations:


Jello Runner:


Toyota Hilux:


Fhands Mcqueen:

Viking Tavern:


The Skimmer:

Space Mission:

Space Shuttle:

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Intro: Odd Chap: Jams
Outro: Odd Chap – Worldwide


Lone Goat Rides says:

fuckhands meqeen

joshua allen says:


Sir Midnight says:

so demonitiztion has gotten so bad that apparently even censored cuss words is enough to warrant getting demonitized… okay…

Gunner Man Gaming says:

F*ck hands mcqueen is 10/10 like your channel Drae.

Acryllun says:

Could’ve divided by zero.

Rawad Shams says:

besiege best creations =BBC and BBC =you know what ….. lol never thought about it

MattAcclaim says:

second time clicking the video since you can’t click back when you accidentally click a different video on mobile

Vatsyayana says:

Again, Calculator WORKING!? Seriously Drea, wtf? No worries though, i never liked more then a couple minutes of besiege at a time anyway.. and your still one of maybe 5 channels i watch often.

Everest Guo says:

Picks up more momentum than it loses.

Balteanu Iosif says:

Dude thar creation is preety old

what the heck did you say? says:

Jello is very dangerous for vehicles and dummies

vera yulanda says:

more one hour one life pls

Gage Mason says:

RIP deathfire grasp

Fazhry Firmansyah says:

The shortest drae video …. oh jk

lil jhong says:

That Jell-O looks disgusting and disturbing

TheRealBobvorn says:

I have to say, I was half hoping you would literally end it there at 30 seconds and just release another video an hour or two after the first lol.

TheBesiegeEngineer says:

thanks for checking out my McQueen meme, lol. i used Fnom’s original McQueen (which you already reviewed) so i had high hopes for it! that said, i have another… thing ive been planning which im hoping works, and its gonna be 100% original!

Jayen Cintron says:

Op jelly step on it and you will either die sink to the bottom of it or crash your computer

Dawn-Shade says:

Damn Drae is good with multiplication

Ketan Wiid says:

Wow besiege has changed alot

Noe Sepulveda says:

We’re one step closer to bringing one of Darksiders 2’s constructs to besiege.

Freddybigfeet says:

Wow gg youtube took the funny outta being able to cuss

jake'en barilleaux says:

Love this intro

Mr Implosion inc says:

what about thomas the meme engine against the jello boss

Happygilmore 2 says:

U watch battle bots too

TheCanineGamer says:

Hey drea you should play Kenshi, it is fun

Gaming Pizza says:

“Its good old f*ck hands Mcqueen.”

-Draegast 2018

Brennen Krueger says:

That was 5000 not 500

mozhe says:

6:34 quick math

Mental Case says:

I love when people do the fake outro joke

Raina Sprague says:

Can you show the Mammoth mk4

Ducky 237 says:

I feaking lost it at “…God?”

gcars06 says:

10 x 50 = 500
10/10 math drea

redstromesoup - says:

Never knew drae would censor

Braden Meyer says:

The jello pit teaches us how armor penetration works.
Also simulation of a nuclear warhead detonation

Italia fascista says:

Thank you drae for featuring me you are my favorite bro

Vatsyayana says:

Thats what you call jello?? And working???

ThiefInDaHouse says:

Each beseige video seams shorter than usual

Chris O'Byrne says:


Héctor Salva says:

Interesting chapter!
I have missed some more creations but i understand that now besiege changed into a bunch of new things to show. With the map editor new horizons have opened. Nice btw!

Shene Van Aller says:

Why the censor??

Mr. A PlusGamer says:

10×50=500. I think it thought it was 5000.

Lemuel Huynh says:

Got a good laugh with the fake ending.

Jared Marco Mallari says:


Sako894 says:

Can someone answer me ? How do Drae to put two machines at the same time on the game ?

Noah Perrier says:

Here is the link for the iron ball, drae left it out of his comments.

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