Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – Space Marines Fleet Gameplay #1

The Space Janitors have bloody strong ships. Luckily the Space Wolves are actually interesting! So let’s go bare our fangs at the filthy Xenos!

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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is the RTS videogame adaptation of Games Workshop’s classic tabletop game, pitting the Chaos, Imperium, Eldar, and Orks against each other in visceral space-battles.

An expansive single-player campaign across the Gothic sector.
Four factions to command, each one with its own strengths and skills.
Tactical PVP multiplayer offering infinite replayability.
A huge array of authentically recreated Battlefleet Gothic ships.
A real-time strategy experience retaining many of the tactical Battlefleet Gothic elements.
A plethora of lore-abiding skills to fill the player’s arsenal.
Upgrade and apply skills at port Maw


aijaz khan says:

sleep dude not important then ur health

GDUB Mx says:


Gabe Kemp says:

F*cking furry

William R says:

I’d love to see a Space Marine campaign lets play done in a kind of “cinematic” setting.

Gregory Wood says:

My first time watching this game. Looks great, thanks for sharing with us.

1buszybudy13 says:


crimsonwolf911 says:

I’d imagine you’ve long since gotten this fleet maxed out, just got this game and I’m loving it, but wishing the fleet size cap for skirmish, multiplayer, and campaign was higher than 700-800 points. Nothing more frustrating than filling out a full board of ships and not being able to take them all into one big fight

Josh Joyce says:

Fucking Sick
Another great series

Landon Harville says:

love the vid sheepy I’m not 1st :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(

Neithan02 says:

no ramming with the SM? i mean they are built to take a beating

Максим Смирнов says:


cormac dillon says:

thumbnail says #2 think that lack of sleep is gettin to ya. nice one for gettin this one out so early though

TheOutsourcedGamer says:

ahh its out finally, thanks for the vid. :>

chuck johnson says:

I think that they could be a little less tanky. It’s not okay to be tankier than the orks

Jae Chun says:

Vlka Fenryka

aptspire says:

10:45 Ork Light Cruisers are worth 92 points each.

Pedro Coelho says:

Some poor grasp of tactics from the get-go, but it was fun to watch. Good luck and keep evolving mate.

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