Attack of the Deadly Space Sharks! – Amazing Frog Gameplay

Welcome to The Amazing Frog! Amazing frog is a sandbox game where you play an amazing frog as he searches a large landscape for adventure! ►Watch the Amazing Frog Playlist: ►Support Blitz on Patreon:

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The Amazing Frog Gameplay Overview:

Amazing Frog? is a Hardcore Parkour openworld buffet of bonkers physics sandbox gameplay. Welcome to the town of Swindon, UK. Home to flatulant super hero, Amazing Frog?

► The Hideout
Start in hideout, play on your own or split screen with your friends
Swindon. Enter Swindon where you can drive cars, buses and mobility scooters, jump on trampolines, fire yourself out of cannons, into explosions, search for trophies and Tvs and reach the heights and a whole lot more. Its your Swindon do as you please.

► Swindon Local Attractions
Take a quiet trip to the Swindon fArt Gallery if it pleases you…. Feeling aggressive ? find a crossbow, machine gun or laser and shoot the hell out of each other. Visit the Fart Gyms for a workout or discover the Zombie filled underground Sewers.

► SwindonShire
Plan your escape of Swindon to explore Greater SwindonShire (a 20KM island) where you can go offloading, ride pigs, discover secrets, go for a swim or drive boat in the surrounding Ocean and Lakes

… but watch our for the relentless sharks… cos they huuuuungry.

► The Swindon Town Planning Office
Remember to always The Swindon Town Planning Office after an Update. This is where Gaz and Hal from Fayju will notify you in game of updates and additions.

► Test Rooms
There is also a bunch of test Rooms to play around in. For testing out vehicles, trampolines , weapon testing facilities, playing with sharks… basically seeing what your frog can do. Many mechanics are built in these test rooms.

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Amazing Frog Gameplay features:
► a 20Km Landscape
► A whole bunch of vehicles
► 4 player split screen
►Pigging backs… and pigs
► Ridiculous ragdolls, trampolines, cannons and explosions
► Weapons like crossbows lasers and machine-guns
► Vicious Sharks
► Swimmming fish and Boats in the ocean
► Fully fitted Fart Gym
► Underground Zombie Frogs in the Sewers
► A Giant chessboard
► and a whole lot of mystery…

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Amazing Frog? The Swindon Space Program Update Overview:

A new Update available for Amazing Frog?. We are very proud (and relieved) to announce that f0.2.8e The Swindon Space Program Update is now available. After some pretty tricky bugs that popped up last minute… I wonder did we make it in time for Easter? Well we did try. Just so you know the bunny ears expire by the end of April.We added a lot of things to f0.2.8e that we have been meaning to add to Amazing Frog? for a long time. Some of these things you will have to earn or discover like the flamethrower of that contraption on the frogs back, I won’t spoil it. There are also more fundamental things like in-air controls for all vehicles. Cars also have a hop button where the handbrake was and handbrake is on right bumper.

Aside from being the “fire” update which was a pretty big system to implement, the moon is now more explorable which opens up a whole bunch of other things to do including gemsmash and moon buggy time trial among other things. Make sure you start your tour of Swindon with a visit to The Swindon Town Planning Office for further information of whats going on around town and take a peek at the change log.

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Kung Fu Chicken says:

Blitz if your in a sharks mouth and go home he comes with you to Swindon it works with the megaladon

Lukas Borges says:

I’m turning 14 today, but not only am I completing that, I’m also cometimg 3 years of being subscribed to you! And get a million subs faster, I’ve been writing a comment for you, as soon as you get 1M subs

Heidi Rucker says:

The sound affects are a little annoying

AditPlayz CRAFT says:

Did you kill the megaladon

TheDerp says:

keep playing fortnite

lisa wagner says:

blitz you are the best and the middle of the car looks like bud

SleepingPickle says:

3:58 man what a bellyflop

Jacob Kast says:

Where is mini blitz?

Mohammad Basil says:

make a shark bite you then respawn

Chez Boi says:

I love your new editing skills blitz 😀

Rory W says:

Blitz i love your new editing style how it tilt the screen for loud noises and stuff! I like it dont stop it!

BereghostFans says:

Get your bad self over here and watch this video!

Mason Primus says:

Nice vid blitz good luck on the one mil. subs

RandomGuyz says:

Blitz!! There is a key to the LOL vault in the sewers! You need to search around and the sighn that says “missing” the guy is the person you need to find. Behind the vault there are more drivable space ships!! I think yu can even go to mars!

Barb Balcita says:

But there’s a giant cookie 4:41

Algreigker, King of Shadows says:

I think you are the first to discover the space shark people Blitz! Great job!

Finn McGuire says:

“I have ridden the mighty moon-worm!” – Al Gore 3000 something

Zach Winkel says:

Did you find the golden cannon on the Swindon wall yet to blast into the clouds and find a secret

Ninja Taco says:

At the start, number plate on car xD

Max Algeo says:

Blitz are you ever going to play Fortnite with Baron. It seems like a game you would enjoy. If you do thank you 🙂

Galactic Games says:

your channel has grown so much because of how much you put in your videos

Barb Balcita says:

Get your bad self over here and watch this video! I love the editing that blitz has been doing

Batben Sam says:

you kill all of the sharks for shark people

Sparky says:


POTAT O says:

hey can i get likes for ABSOLOTLEY NO REASON!!!!!!!

Lucas Tolentino says:

Don’t call yourself a noob

Quack Master says:

Blitz Segways are for people who can’t bend their legs but want to stand up and move

Tre Segura Sr says:

Yeah he’s the best YouTube

Bad Minecrafter says:

BlitzTopia for life

Evan Rules says:

Like this comment because you can and you actually shouldn’t I don’t want likes I’m just bored and I’m making fun of people that ask for likes for no reason but seriously don’t like this comment I’m not just saying that to get you to like it if it gets likes I will delete it. I want dislikes plz and thank you.

AlanK2004 says:

I hadn’t watched all of your ” the amazing frog” videos. Tell me, have you got to the castle on top of the cloud on top of Swindon?

Jovan Kocic says:

get yo bad self into vault L.O.L. find dead science man in sewage get his key card and get into vault lol ps ants are in the vault psss you will find someone who must be found

SleepingPickle says:

Dam those zooms andnsoundeffects

Ben Crowl says:

the killer ants are in a crater

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