Astroneer – Space Age Dealer – Part 14 Let’s Play Astroneer Gameplay

Astroneer is here, and as it draws near it makes one thing clear : Astroneer is super badass. So peer into this sheer glimpse of awesome and grab a beer and stear clear of asphyxiation!

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Taimat Tatarczuk says:

i find getting lumped in is acceptable. i enjoy it and it makes me happy.

Thomas Mathews says:

+SplatterCatGaming I think if you put the organic stuff in the furnace you get coal which is more valuable for trade and more efficient in generators, not sure though, so give it a try off camera

Tactical Fatty says:

I can see the cool factor in lumping us in there but it makes me feel bad cause if I was playing teh game with yah id be actually helping get stuff done xD

Amul Kumar says:

It looks like we’ve seen 3 different types of object slot sizes so far: singletons which are outlined in red, doubles outlined in orange, and quads outlined in blue. For example, the habitat slots are two singletons, not a pair, which is why you couldn’t add the large solar panel to it — that takes a double.

Nichlas Alenius says:

Hey! Put a drill on the front of a rover/truck

gekkobear2 says:

Trade rules: You sell at half price, So you’d have to trade 2 compound to get 1 back (if you were that silly).
Current values (after a recent patch).

Resin/Compound/Organic Sell for 1, buy for 2.
Malachite/Laterite/Hydrozine Sell for 2, buy for 4.
Aluminium/Copper bars Sell for 4, buy for 8.
Titanium/Coal/Lithium Sell for 8, buy for 16.
Nothing else has a trade value (yet)… (if you send it, it’ll come back)

So, you can trade a titanium (sell at 8) for 4 resin (buy at 2 each).
Also, IF you can smelt at your base, you can trade say aluminium bars for malachite to smelt to copper at an even trade.

NOTE, there are only 8 slots to send/receive stuff.
It will come back with “leftovers” if the trade didn’t come out even, or if everything wouldn’t fit.
But this means you can’t trade 16 resin for 1 titanium… just can’t do it.

You can use fuel for trades, but the fuel condenser now takes twice the power, and the trade value is lower than it was initially.
(8 fuel for 1 titanium is possible, or straight trade for resin/compound)

StarBoardBestBuy says:

He legit just mowes his lawn for 24 minutes

Anders Labich says:

I really enjoy watching this series. I’m very weird that way.

Dominique Martinez says:

You should play FreeOrion, it’s free (duh) and based off of master of Orion but the research is actually somewhat realistic. Also you can get spaceships made out of stars that give your whole fleet free fuel so…

Quas Xen says:

Oh Splatter, dicks around in the base for a while, decides to put the O2 tanks away, then immediately runs away from base. Then comes back and builds a second Smelter claiming to not have one already

m.m gamers says:


Dean Van Halen says:

I’m not gonna lie, you hit a pretty strong falsetto singing Frankie Valli lol

Eric Patino says:

The spike plants die once you dig them out, so they won’t spike anymore if you get close afterwards

Taladar2003 says:

Watching SplatterCat mow the lawn in front of his base for 25 minutes 🙂

XbNinja1233 Dang says:

Splat…why did you get 2 smelters?

NolyConolie says:

so i know u live in the bay erea so unless u have moved that has not changed hah but my question is do u smoke weed or have u ever smoked weed. and if u could do another q and a that would be great. with my question in it hah thanks love the videos



Carlito Andino says:

You made another smelter.

Phoenix says:

I like being included in your fuck-ups splat

Charlotte Claire says:


TheAstroventurer says:

Splat lists that he has a smelter and trade post
*couple minutes later*
“I don’t have a smelter”
Lul and *facepalm*
Never change Splat, never change

Chinmay Khachane says:

Please find someone me hematology the most n exotic planet

Durtee Diaperz says:

Damn son, when are going to get it that wind vanes aren’t for power generation? TURBINES, Wind TURBINES.

James Hart says:

Build a fuel condenser, hydrazine might not be that valuable anymore, but it’s easier than harvesting organics (also hydrazine is about the same price as organics, so kinda the better option).

Alex Oihus says:

i believe you can string rovers and or trucks together like a trane. i saw it in the game trailer.

Q - Tip says:

U know that u can put the small storages on the sides of ur other modules right?

Chinmay Khachane says:

I mean hematite

N8 GAMEZ says:

splatter cat the pillars everywhere have research objects under tham every single one

Razor_cat says:

i dont know if you know this but if you use hydozen you can get much more and all it takes is power to get your needs and wants

Parker Broderick says:

coal is worth the most when using the trade platform

BootlegFilly7 says:

More raft!!!! : Lets Plays and Game Reviews says:

I can see the abuse of raw minerals being cheaper than the refined versions and duplication as a result for infinite resources.

Steve Gardner says:

you now have two smelters splatter

Gabrael Nightfire says:

is pre-splat anything like pre-c**? questions to ponder ;p

Alex Oihus says:

maybe even shuttles or space ships. lol

Vague says:

splattercat would like to see you hook multiple vehicles up for extra storage, battery, solar panels before exploration


Splattercat…get with the times. Everyone knows that tundra grass is Canadian weed.

Bran Llyr says:

You’ll want a second truck with crane & drill for titanium mining.

El Blaise says:

Guilty by association, just as it should be.

Fun tidbit: Adding the large storage to the Truck improves stability making it harder to flip over.

Joshua Noriega-Allen says:

lol, Splat’s got a nice singing voice

Cobalt33 says:

Build up tall platform for solar on north or south pole

Mateja Radulovic says:


Muh Richard says:

“I don’t have a smelter” [Obvious Smelter In Background]

Daniel Amaral says:

i love splat i really do. but sometimes i get so triggered when he does shit like re make a smelter and not notice like %80 of his problems.. the love over rides the hate but damn i get mad haha

Karolis Čižauskas says:

Moar Loot Rascals plis

gekkobear2 says:

Research rules:
1) First research of a pod style/color gives tech (up to the 11 currently in game, after that spin & nothing sadly).
2) Duplicate pods (any that are not the first) give resources randomly (maybe weighted a bit to better value items).

For trade goods, loads of research are a pretty good way to get loads of resources.
I started on my first planet in a forest, with research pods on every tree… I was buried in riches. 🙂

Joseph Coco says:

4:10 I agree, worst case ontario someone tells a story about you as that guy who sang loud. I’d love to be in a diner when you butchered a song 🙂

Gabrael Nightfire says:

hey splat not sure you actually read these but you could put a small storage block on your ship beside your cockpit the small ones only take 2 spots that would net you 8 more spots for the cost of 2 just sayin

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