Astroneer Gameplay – WE HAVE A SPACE SHIP!!! #7 Let’s Play Astroneer

Let’s Play Astroneer: Shall we explore the frontiers of outer space, risk our life & resources in harsh environments for the chance of striking it rich? Flying the Space Ship!! Enjoy 🙂
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➤Astroneer Lets Play:
➤Cities Skyline Natural Disaster Comedy Short

➤Astroneer Game (Release Date December 16th 2016) –


Astroneer, an upcoming PC game from developer System Era Softworks, places players in a 25th century gold rush where they explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives and resources in harsh environments for the chance of striking it rich. Resources extracted from planets, asteroids, and moons can be traded with friends or crafted into new tools, vehicles, and modules. Environments are procedurally generated in a uniquely rendered voxel engine, featuring a textureless aesthetic that allows players to deform and shape the terrain as though it were made of Play-Doh.


Astroneer is developed by System Era Softworks, based in Seattle Washington, with members teleworking from like Toronto and Salt Lake City. Astroneer is System Era’s first game as a studio, with members hail from triple-A development with individual credits on Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Team Fortress, the Sims, and many others. System Era came together in 2014 out of a desire to create games that reflect the legacy and future of human space exploration, inspiring a sense of wonder and reverence for a beautiful universe.


– Explore multitudes of procedural worlds.
– Shape completely malleable terrain. Dig to the center of the earth, or forge mountains.
– Craft vehicles and discover resources to reach ever further in the galaxy.
– Survive in ever more harsh and rewarding environments.
– Play with friends in online or local multiplayer.


Snow Drop says:

Um dude at 2:21 i am pretty sure you went around the world or planet.

John G says:

also if you have a few solar panels and wind turbines set up at you base all you need is the fuel condenser and you can make all the hydrazine you could even need

Amadori Davor says:

dude when you in space ayou need to press that launch ting agains and you cna see other planets the white circle is how distenc you cna go

Adam McShan says:

you made me sooo mad you can click the button above the ship to go to diffrent platents

Cameron Lowrey says:


Joel Lad says:

Build a tradeplatform

Micheal Bay says:

you can use the big solar panels from the crashed satellites by dragging it to your base with a winch and attaching it

Filipthegamer 12 says:

Bruh u y u not press da bottom m8

SImpleyXphenios YT says:

Better than no mans sky

Lolycuss loly says:

dude wtf you CAN go to other planets

Snow Drop says:

Hay! I know how to travel to different planets! ok you need a lot if fuel i am sure ok you need to launch by pressing the botton and when your in the orbit i think i saw another youtube press the launch botton again that got them then clicked a planet and landed on it!

Justin wang says:

nice gameplay i love it! 😀

Skylerwalker says:

biffa you can go to different planets

RandomFlyingSoup says:

stick solar panels on you back pack

MoneyClub 1910 says:

how did you get the bigger spaceship

grimm says:

u can put storage on the storage unit

John G says:

trade platform and fuel condenser side by side , makes collecting materials eazy mode

dpraptor says:

You should Bring the Generator with you with your vehicles. You can keep it in your backpack (does not take any resource spots), and you can easily grab organics to keep it charged!

Jullian Melvin says:

u got hard points on the top of the backpack which u can put a small solar panel if u need power on the go, don’t know if u knew.

CyberWarfare2017 says:

biffa forget to disconnect the ambillical cord of the spaceship

Igor Vasiljevic says:

You are so confused man. Watching someone completely miss obvious hints from the devs is surprisingly fun. Love the vids

Midget king Finc says:

Love the series, please upload more

AXyom Rotmg says:

you can go to other planets by pressing the same launch button when your in space

darkanglegal says:


♪MusicGaming♪ says:

R.I.P Tower of Research 2016 – 2016

Redstone Pro says:

Surprise seeing you, biffa, while looking for what a spaceship can do.

salty_MLG_man says:

you do know that if u click on the hologram of the material u need to build stuff if it is ur backpack it will auto move the materials to the desired area

K Dizzle says:

Hey Biffa, great videos, thanks for the astroneer coverage. I subbed and liked.

Marlin Stauffer says:

So, Fuel condesor+Power+Trade Platform=Any resource…

John G says:

i would have tried swap-in sides you habitat and the storage so the connection points on the habitat or on the outside and tried hooking up a solar panel to the habitat

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