Ark Survival Evolved – FLYING SPACE TURTLES DEVOUR TREX (Ark Modded Gameplay)

Ark Survival Evolved – FLYING SPACE TURTLES DEVOUR TREX (Ark Modded Gameplay)
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NytoRapter says:

“not because we have an amy of FLYING BIRDS” Best eng

trevaun Barrett says:

what are muskets in totally accurate battle simulator now

SuperRandom MAn says:

Riot do flying turtles vs vanilla giga

Pohzey Clips says:


Angel Feather says:


E.C. Rae says:

╚══╩╝╚╝╚╩╩╩═╝╚═════╝I love you slip

Patrick Cudmore says:

This reminds me of those birds in the croods


There SO cute :3

Sir Pugsalot says:

Best mod ever!!!!!

chayathat yotha says:

The turtle from finding nemo

Swaggy Mc.Daddy says:

when the title says flying space turtle’s devour trex and its not clickbait

Kim S. says:

Holy sheet Riot, I was laughing so hard for pretty much the whole video XD This is just magical, pure magic!

Ghostpro says:

his voice makes it sound like he has a dick in his ass 24/7 pls use your real voice pls.

jacob Mcdonald says:

i know its great lol

DragonBeastLengend 213 says:

The All mighty Birdle or Turd I dont know

An 8 bit character says:

anyone else notice how he said he has to find a flying turtle in a army of squirtles

Amira Kingcamp says:

im wierd because i thought i woud see fying turtles i don’t know what the frig os wrong with me mabey its because i always thought im wierd thats nw comfirmed

Dj Aj says:

the turtle is sooo cute and love your vids

stitch Atron says:

is a fling tipe scwertal

Jar Jar Gaming says:

No No No not sky turtles…BIRDLES

Tyler Rogers says:

Who else told meaty about his dodo Rex getting raped

Swaggy Mc.Daddy says:

what pokemon go team are you, riot?
mystic instink or failor?

TheMatrixGamer says:

What about Flying Whales?

KazuTheSrgl says:

anyone else see squirtle when he was searching for him

Flame void says:

turtle army vs kairuku army

Caleb Kettman says:

its a ptaradon

BritishGodzilla says:

I’m watching gamera right now and this. so there are two sci fi turtles … ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!!!

Carey Hammock-Turner says:

also with xb cafted

agrp &news says:


Iluminati says:


Ava horselover says:


Yon Ki says:

Bird+Turtle= Birtle

Pedro Rocha says:

sky turtles for the win!


Home Cat says:

it’s actually a pteranodon base model but a turtle modle over it(havent watched the whole video)

Christopher lozano says:

This video was made by the turtle squad

serfancypantz 112 says:

a flying turtle in a army of squritles!!! awesome

Giulf3der ! says:


Friend Critic says:

Flurtles=flying turtles

Dee Swagg says:

Those birdtles are actually cute

The Dapper Dragon says:

The original Dodorex had 666,666 health, no joke.

Dragon Mayhem says:

I think the Cosmic Flying Turtles came from Ancient Aliens, where people in the past would carve out flying turtles because ‘aliens’

Friend Critic says:

Flurtles=flying turtles

Karzen Games says:

youre a travel bitch

Friend Critic says:

10 Quetzes v 50 cosmic Flurtles

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