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Lewis Dawkins
Units 3-4
Leamore lane industry estate


Bfrafre 101 says:


ConeHead .-. says:

Bonnie is saw

Super Player2112 says:

0:00 0:04 0:08 oof

Kaua0401 says:

This Dawko dance need to go to Fortnite XD

Nunes Gameplays 2 says:

*_You know…_*

Bren Bren Plays Plays says:

The bonnie segment was based off of the dream scott had of bonnie. Thats why he thinks bonnie is the scariest.

Freddy Fazbear says:

Scott in space hah thats funny

Micro Gamer says:

Brazil love you!

Toast Person says:

Hey Dawko. In Freddy Faz Pizza, Freddy can say, “Oh, sugar”, as a death line.

Foxey says:

Who farted?

Susan ThePirateFox says:

Me: It’s like fnaf world.
Dawko: It’s like fnaf world!

Lejimario 15 says:

Who is that grey funtime freddy

Sonicice 24 says:

Thats awsome

Some Random Yuri says:

4:58 / 8:24 / 9:10 / 12:07
*has DDLC flashbacks*

J. Foresti says:

13:05 he forgot Waluigi

Tatiana Cadavid Amezquita says:

I love Dawkat 😉

quality Furry trash says:

scotty bird

Perfect Cell says:

Do more devil ultimate custum nghit

Albaniayey says:

Flappy Scott

SacrificeYourLife says:

is it just me or does Dawko look like LazarBeam


*touches cat* *enters new realm of being*

X35 says:

Fnaf 7 is here :3

CineMiniMassacre says:


Navvo games says:

Use the cat music as ur intro dawko

Famous FPS says:

2 Subs Away from 15

Youtube's next commenter? Cabrales says:


Info Dude says:

Spam the “Delete” Button on the game and see what happens. 🙂

Davi the human says:

0:00 meme react aka not copying pewdiepie

SquigglePlays says:

You gotta love the reference to Scott having nightmares about Bonnie XD

VENOMPOWER5 _gamer says:

The ending tho was just wow

crapyonease Ricks says:

*clap *clap dawko review

Chiji Dike says:

Why did the first couple seconds of the video sound like you were sloshing around and oofing and in ur own poop

Freddy Fazbear says:

That looks like dawoin the back ground from da fnaf show


Is this a real game or a fan made one?

J. Foresti says:

Finally some love for kitty in the crowd

Penske17 says:

I found something interesting in the credits
It’s random (I think)
But if you skip the credits Fredbear/Golden Freddy comes up and says something
Caught me off guard
It crashes you game after he finishes as well
I found this randomly and it’s not a joke, it’s actually in the game

Sisi23_ H7 says:


Lala Angelin Holmes says:

Dawko it’s game for Android?

Jack Currie says:

Weird how obsessed and how much you love fnaf, never watched anything till the interview and it was shocking to hear you left law school for this haha. Enjoy it while it lasts!

N J says:

First time I saw this I thought it was official XD

Kryptic Kat Royalz says:

Wow, this looks awesome

EmojiBroNick says:

5:12 ” So, it’s Baby holding Exotic buhhus.”

Me: *_Yes_*

ComidianYT says:

Fredbear is there somewhere in the end credit, but I think he randomly appears put the there’s something about him

The boss 12313 says:

OOF 0:00

Dapper Ricky says:

Is that Freddy hand a Star Wars reference? Originally in the beginning of the force awakens, Luke’s hand was supposed to be floating in the middle of space.

I swear to God.

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