60 PARSECS | Space Survival Part 1 – 60 Parsecs! Let’s Play Gameplay

60 Parsecs or 60 Parsecs! to be exact is a survival game where you have 60 seconds to grab supplies before voyaging into deep space forever. So let’s travel 60 Parsecs now! Playlist:
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Ethan Barrow says:

More of this plz

Petterwass says:

Why didn’t you go on any expeditions on the planet?

matej pintarič says:

Sooo making soup costs 10 sciency stuff, recycling it gives 10 ore, making ductape uses 10 ore, recycling it give 20 science? i see something that gives infinite food from ductape? Magic ductape?

Jesse Davis says:

More plz

Ashley.G Reeves says:

Really enjoyable content, can’t wait for more.

Aryanna1009 says:

please keep playng the game EE!

Alexander Blake Clabourne says:

You should play more please

snackbuddy says:

Shouldn’t the escape pod always be stocked up in case you need to escape quickly?

Reuben M.D. says:

Comment “for reasons” and also because this game is awesome.

Timothy McLean says:

Day 1. Apparently, we were blown almost 200 light-years from Earth when the station exploded. I knew DARPA was working on some kind of new FTL drive to beat the Reds to Wolf 1061, but this is ridiculous! Anyways, I have four companions on this journey: Baby Bronco, a powerful moron who was tricked into crime, then into the Astrocitizen Program; Emmet Ellis, a negro genius bored of his terrestrial life and seeking some kind of challenge; Maegan Mann, a cunning old lady who joined the Astrocitizens on a lark; and ASTRO, the escape pod’s AI, who designated me captain due to being most qualified. Its exact words were something like “the only one who demonstrated motor activity or sentience in times of crisis”.
Our current directive is simple: Find a good place to land, and land there! If we’re astronomically lucky, we’ll find some other survivors there. More plausibly, we’ll establish a tiny settlement that doesn’t last longer than any of us. But hey, that’s enough time to be worth fighting for!
As for today…I figure we’ll be okay with a rousing speech and a patriotic fast. The crew cheers on my speech enough that they don’t seem to mind the fast, much.

Day 2. I turned on the Crafting Module. Baby Bronco was pleased by this; I’m not sure why. I guess he just liked the lights? I had it start crafting a communicator, in case there’s anything within ansible range that can understand it.
Disaster struck when my favorite locker stuck shut! I couldn’t get it open; we’ve lost a third of our food supply because of this.

Day 3. Wiring problem today. The wires were in a dark, dusty corner. (How did we get so much dust in a space capsule?) Also, made some great tape. Shame we can’t synthesize WD-40.

Day 4. ASTRO grumbled about nobody listening to it when it said a nuclear apocalypse was coming. I said I didn’t hear him say anything like that, and it just beeped at me. I think it was annoyed?
ASTRO said maybe I should listen carefully to what it said next. It had found designs for a “flux capacitor” which could bring us home. It went…poorly. I’m probably going to be captaining from the sickbay (AKA my bunk) for a while. But at least we got some soup out of it, somehow!

Day 5. Something went wrong. Something seems to go wrong _every_ day, like clockwork. Today, it was some sound like a kid crying we heard from the shuttle. After yelling that if he didn’t shut up I’d have to get my belt, the crew and I searched high and low. We couldn’t find any kids anywhere. Ugh, I think I’m going crazy. Luckily, I have this sock-puppet to keep me sane…

Day 6. A vaguely-described system had a vaguely-described meltdown. ASTRO didn’t tell me much, but apparently it required some kind of direct intervention by us humans…which involved talking to the malfunctioning bit. It broke the communicator, though, and our soup production has robbed us of sufficient resources to repair it.

Day 7. Strange signals detected. It could be aliens, a negative space wedgie, or Star Commies. I set Emmet on decoding the signals.

Day 8. It’s aliens, and lots of them! I don’t know how Fermi missed all of them. Bronco’s looking forward to meeting them in person. Better news: We’ve found a potential landing site to explore. ASTRO says we’ll be arriving in “5”. Unless it means “minutes,” we’re going to need to recycle something to make more food. We’re reprocessing the tape…don’t tell anyone.
Bronco offered to service the reactor. Maegan said no, but he begged, so I let him help me. His insight was more useful than expected; whispering mathematical equations seems to have actually helped!

Day 9. Since ASTRO says we’ll reach our destination in “4,” it’s a good thing I’m making soup. Bronco checked the communicator, going down the periodic maintenance checklist piece by piece. He even made a suggestion for improving it! Of course, it’s still broken, but we appreciate the effort.

Day 10. Emmet’s going to implement the less-ridiculous of Bronco’s suggestions, and use our remaining supplies to fix the communicator. ASTRO wanted to throw a party (!), but we didn’t have any party supplies…or anything we could pretend was party supplies. If only we had a party store.
That’s our problem here, we don’t have any capitalism! We need more people, so we can have buying and selling and working and stuff! Instead, we’re just sitting around and starving, like a bunch of Commies. At least, I think that’s how Communism works.

Day 11. No food, no supplies. Two days to landing site. Everyone is starving. Maybe we can improvise something with this lighter…?
An alien cylinder was detected. Unfortunately, it was full of nothing but alien dust. I grumbled about being covered in alien skin cells, but Emmet pointed out that the primary component of dust is generally small dirt particles from outside. Maegan stared at him for a moment, before pointing to a nearby porthole. Everyone had a good laugh. Well, what can you expect from someone like him?

Day 12. I contemplated who to feed, if worst came to worst. I decided that myself and Emmet were most critical. He’s clever, for a negro, and we can use that.
We found a weird box. I tried taking apart the lock, but it was useless. Maegan then pointed out that I’d sealed the box shut. It’s just like my favorite locker, all over again…

Day 13. We’re at the planet. It doesn’t seem to have complex life, but it once did, and it seems to still have structures from its old inhabitants. Its climate isn’t well-suited to human habitation, but we have to land there. We’re out of options; if we fly on past, we *will* run out of food.
Hm, this seems like an unlucky day to go to an alien world. Or do anything important, actually. Still…what choice do we have?

Day 14. We crashed. Luckily, the only casualty is the communications console. Wait, do casualties have to be dead? Because Emmet and I got hurt pretty badly. And everyone’s still starving. Bronco’s cleaning the ship; it’s about all he _can_ do at this point. Not that he’s doing a good job at it…
We’re breaking down communicator components now. In a couple of days, we can turn them into food. Probably for me…

Day 15. The Expedition Module is online; we can go out and explore!
We have a rat problem; apparently, the buggers came with us from Earth. We have no way of dealing with them, so…let’s hope they decide they’ll have better pickings out there than in here. That, or we could try catching them. Our soup is getting thin and…chemical-ey.

Day 16. We caught some of the rats and drove the rest into the wilderness. Sadly, it was the last thing Emmet and Meagan did. Between food shortages and rat bites, they simply didn’t have any life left in their bodies. It’s just me and Bronco now.
There’s some kind of contamination thing going on…and we have no way to stop it. Yaaay.

Day 17. It’s just me now. I’m sick and injured and hungry. All that’s left is me, my sock puppet, and this exotic French cheese…

Even-tempered Peasant says:

Elysium’s portrayal of A.S.T.R.O. gave off some Clavicus Vile vibes, you may be trapped onboard with a daedric lord O_O

Vance Levyn says:

Death by cheese. Welp what an end!

John Rowland says:

Always craft soup

Foxworth says:

Obligatory, Play More Please, comment because YouTube demands it apparently

VuldEdone says:

0 expedition, uh. So you couldn’t make EVAs, that I can believe. But once on land? That suit was taking dust in the background.

AncapFTW says:

Almost out of food, but you have a rat infestation. Sounds like one problem solved the other.

Dani Kane says:


Lady Wanderer says:

How the hell can you take apart a lock and not.. unlock the box it was locking?

Krysten McGann says:

This is adorable!!

Emily Clark says:

It seems like the best thing in this game is not to have a full crew.. all those useless people eating your food

jms31896 says:

This has been one of your better episodes, thank you

Matt Cowap says:

yes play more

Triviata84 says:

More please … also … “Crunchy friends in a liquid broth” … ;o)

mitchell mcclarren says:

Play again please

I Play Games says:

could you look on breathedge

B. Torres says:

I would like to see you try again EE

Arkavi says:

I would like more and also where is megaquarium

petrodeloro says:

I know the proverb a bit different:
Everything can be fixed with clever aplication of duct tape and explosives.
If it holds too much, apply explosives, in oposite case, apply duct tape.

CourierThree says:

EE. !party ? <3

SirFredrin says:

This seems alot like the that other game but instead of space it’s nuclear war

UI20sfangrill says:

Feed them when they’re starving. That saves a lot of food.

Vara Diio says:

I’m not a big fan of these games. They always seem unnecessarily harsh. Often the “choices” punish you while hiding behind a shield of quirkiness and “lolrandom”. I find a big difference between “That’s XCOM Baby” and “Haha all your food is gone”. Much more interested in games that in some way allow you to mitigate disasters. Even ignoring the random events, which are kinda part of the genre at this point, the crafting is lame. You can make one item at a time, taking two turns to make food if you have to break things down. That means nothing else is really gonna get done. Well, other things would be not getting done if the random events gave resources with any amount of regularity.

I understand if you want to play more of this game, and if others want to see it. I guess I just don’t get the appeal.

Thomas Bouric says:

Day 15:
The medicine is gone, soup is low and Bert did something… unnatural with the sock puppet. None of us know exactly what, because none of us want to touch it.
At least it can’t get any worse now.

Day 16:

Vis says:

A Parsec is a measurement of distance, not time.

brandominion 011 says:

More please

Darth Sanguine says:

Why didn’t you use the space suit when the game told you to?


Food is used up way to fast in this game.

SimonCleric says:

Have you heard about a game called “Breathedge”? It seems you may enjoy it.

Simone Pistolesi says:

Will you do also a normal 60 seconds gameplay?

Malva says:

Note to self:
leave baby behind.
take all the soup.
PS.: ALL the soup.

Darwin420 says:

This was awesome. Please play more!

Perky_Goth says:

At least you were still quite alert after you died.

Gaming Master Anthony says:

I feel like them being hungry after just being fed is a glitch.

Shaemon Erb says:

do more please

James Stafford says:

please do continue with the series i love it

Winter Weasel says:

the cold war did happen…

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