32 minutes of Endless Space 2 Gameplay (including combat!)

32 minutes of Endless Space 2 Gameplay, with Eurogamer’s Chris Bratt and Amplitude co-founder, Romain de Waubert de Genlis. Stick around till this end for our first look at space combat!

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uyaratful says:

I’m only curious if they will make some effort to differentiate their races this time.

It’s was cool that we were able to play as super inteligent small cyber aliens or humans or rabid locust like monsters BUT it was much less cool that they all used fridges, sit in front of a TV and go to supermarkets, for the fuck sake.
Learn from the Galciv.

I would prefer to have 4 races that have TOTALLY different tech and buildings instead of those reskins from the first one.

Anderty says:

Wait… hero will fight in now ship?! Shut up and take ALL MY MONEY! NOW!

Alan James says:

Would an Nvidia 485m run this game properly?

SangerZonvolt says:

For all the effort they put into making the space battles epic the way the ships just disintigrate when they are destroyed looks ridicoulous. This needs large multistage explosions when a battleship goes down.

Max Grafe says:

Dune reference FTW

RoyalStarlord says:

That mafia looking lady looks… uh… endowed. 😛

Joyexer says:

i loved the first game sooo much <3 and i will buy that 2. title right away. nearly no studio deserves so much trust as amplitude does.

Václav Med says:

I’ve had two problems with combat in ES
 1.) I didn’t like the graphics, the ship design was too “artistic” I guess for my taste and I found the FX, particularly the projectiles and impacts ugly (sorry to the guys that did them).
 2.) The mechanic was interesting and fresh, but after two or three larger maps I found the AI pretty predictable in their card(tactics) choices.

 Don’t think that they can really fix Issue 2 if every race has only three tactics choices and they are tailored to that race’s philosophy. But it could be seen as a feature as it feels immersive that you get to learn how your enemy “thinks”.

But dear GOD do the battles look stunning now and pretty tasty. The solid projectiles FX are still kinda fat and ship death culd see some improvement, but even now it’s beautifull. Thank you for this gem 😉

dragonballzgt1989 says:

i have a weak spot for awesome looking space battles but the lack of control does bother me

Galderhast says:

You know what I hope won’t be in Endless Space 2? Having to adjust colony taxation each and every turn.

Elder4eg says:

They should leave wrecks after ship was destroyed. Large cruisers can’t just disappear in small bits.

Jolly Voqar says:

I thought Endless Space was a bit underrated. Maybe not the deepest 4X ever but it was really well done and had a great UI. I’m not sure I need the hokey intro video for the faction – that was brutal. But otherwise looking forward to this game.

DeltaV2TLI says:

I was the emperor in Endless Legend too but I still had more control over battles than this. I’m excited for the game but again this battle system is disappointing.

spankwalla says:

The space combat looks beautiful and very cinematic but the ground combat looks really ugly.

Renato Valente says:

Amazing. Not just the battle scene. Congratulations.

dragon0085 says:

The problem with the first one was they spent SO much time making the battle movies, they forgot to make the battle fun.

Fenryr Grey says:

well combat does look great. Now i hope is also fun to play.

sfoth91 says:

This game looks so polished and greatly designed. I love the homepage, everything is so neatly done, like a true high budget game.

However I am an RTS fan, and another game without actual tactical control over battles puts me off. Shame since everything else looks great.

The Gaming Snake says:

Tell me this is no … No man’s lie 2

Diced Catarina Onions says:

god damn that space battle was beautiful

Ilya Rhys says:

So they add a faction. And call it ES 2?..
What happened to all developers? Why they are become so bitchasses and cocksuckers?

Madhav Menon says:

Dragon female with Hugh Mungus boobs…. am sold

JP says:

So again… the same shit battle system of previous game, just a glorified cutscene with no player input beyond choosing a few options before it starts.

Michael Rosen says:

Love amplitude !!

MetalShadowChaos says:

Well THIS was very exciting to see pop up on my subscriptions.

GOD I am excited for this game.

Swag1000billion says:

I rarely ever buy a game on release, let alone early access. But this is going to be an exception, it’s very obvious they’ve learned a lot and brought their ideas back to endless space. This is amazing.

wileywilson says:

Can’t skip advert. Ridiculous.

Thane Solus says:

You guys have a fetish for not letting the player have control over the combat. Are you making this for casual players? Why bother? Oh the Stellaris/Master of Orion trend?

Show Us What You Got!!! says:

space combat, really cool, never seen a space 4x game do that, THIS IS GARBAGE, utter garbage, on rails crap space combat, garbage…..

simich says:

I cannot wait to get my hands on this amazing game. I love it. There are lots of very interesting improvements all over the place – races, diplomacy, economy, ship design, etc. I’m mostly concerned about the combat. I hope there’s indeed point to these cinematic battles – learning from what you see on the screen. Still does this mean that skipping the cinematic will not give you the same insight into what went wrong and what was right? That’s what bothers me. They take too much time to go through. Imagine a blockade with several fleets from both sides. Combat in ES was a very very wildcard. Anyway, there’s a special place in my gamer heart for ES and I cannot wait to get my hands on the EA – a first day buy.

The Crimson Fucker says:

Will you be able to make adjustments while the battle is ongoing?

Good Day Sir says:

I played the hell out of the first Endless Space and am really excited for the sequel, especially with the new improvements. However I find the Land Combat a bit too simplistic.. hopefully that will someday be remedied.

Eurogamer says:

Skip ahead to the 30 minute mark, if you just want to check out the space combat in action. -Chris

Alexanderh86 says:

minor gripe: ship explosions are pretty dull and not epic. still going to buy this as soon as its available

Ppdnox says:

More depth, more epic, more endless. Hope Devs dont screw it and do thier best, and requirements wont be too high. w/

tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

oh shit Sega is publishing!!!! you know what that means. charging for shit that is supposed to be in the game already

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